November 2, 2014

A Month of Feels

Posted in video games tagged , , , , at 8:47 pm by riulyn

This is going to be an interesting month of gaming, because my huge gaming plans include the following:

1. NieR Replicant. Pretty obvious how this is going to give me feels. I’m already feeling a different tone than with NieR Gestalt. It seems more sad for some reason. Maybe due to Nier only being a kid in this game who’s having a lot rougher time than Nier the Dad? Yonah’s Japanese voice is ridiculously precious, which also doesn’t help.

2. Persona 4 Golden. I’m replaying the game because I messed up at some point and cannot get the good ending, no matter what choices I select on a certain date. Pretty obvious how this game gives feels too, but basically the way people join your group involves facing one’s self. That’s one main source of feels. The other sources are obvious spoilers.

3. More Suikogaiden. I’m almost done with Suikogaiden Vol. 1 and will be on to Suikogaiden Vol. 2. And then I’ll repeat at least once more since there’s lots of different scenes to see depending on what choices you make. Pretty much these gaidens hit me in the nostalgia feels. Not because I’ve played them before, but because they relate heavily to Suikoden II and Suikoden II is a big reason why I still love JRPGs. Also Suikogaiden I has Elsa. Why is Elsa so awesome?

4. The Guided Fate Paradox. After NieR Replicant, I’m getting back into this game who wants to play with “anything world is real, even fairy tales and zombies and such”. Being someone who used to want to escape into books as a kid, I get a bit of nostalgic feels, when I’m not laughing my ass off.

I also have a huge list of other games I’m sort of playing at the moment. It’s kind of a mess but it’s kind of fun this way, not knowing what games I’ll play each day…