December 30, 2014

2015 Gaming Plans/Goals

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2014 was a pretty good personal gaming year, even if I only bought 4 games released in 2014: Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Tales of Xillia 2, and Child of Light. Smash Brothers 3DS also came out this year, but I didn’t buy it – my brother did for me. I beat more games than I acquired this year, and the numbers look even better if I don’t count the random Steam games I got via the Humble Bundle. I think what was also good about this year was playing a decent variety of games. I played visual novels, action RPGs, tactical RPGs, Japan-only RPGs, western indie RPGs.

There’s not really a lot to summarize about 2014 otherwise (also I am too lazy to do so), so instead I will talk about 2015. 2015 should be an interesting year as my main gaming genre, JRPGs, will start having PS4 entries. However personally I see it being another rather light year for purchases. I already posted on my 2015 anticipated games here. I’m still not in a good employment situation so I’m probably not going to gamble on unknown quantities when I have 2014 and earlier goodies to still pick up. I see my 2015 purchases as mostly the following:

  1. Anticipated 2015 games aka Xenoblade Chronicles X and whatever else I really die for
  2. 2014 games that I think I want to get like Demon Gaze
  3. Atelier games. Have to decide whether to get the cheaper PS3 or the Vita ones with DLC included but then they are only digital…
  4. PSOne/PS2 classics when they have awesome deals. Though I might get Grandia for the list price of $6 anyway.
  5. Maybe getting the Sora no Kiseki games in Japanese? I have to figure out just how much I want to wait for English localization and how much I want them now. Especially since I still have this urge to buy Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga and I don’t want to run into Sora no Kiseki spoilers there…

My overall gaming goal for 2015 is obviously to continue to whittle away at my backlog. I’ve actually done a decent job at playing through the games I bought in Japan, but my PS2 and Gamecube/Wii backlog are decent sized. In addition, I have some huge RPGs on my Steam list such as Mass Effect and the Last Remnant. I’d say my top 5 gaming goals would be

  1. Play Mass Effect games
  2. Continue to play Japanese games. I just bought Valkyria Chronicles 3 so I have some hardcore stuff to work with.
  3. Play and finish the well-loved Skies of Arcadia Legends
  4. Finally finish Disgaea and then borrow my brother’s copy of Disgaea D2
  5. Finish Shadow Hearts Covenant and From the New World

This year was pretty fail in terms of a Xenosaga replay, as I struggled with having interest in the battle system. Playing Ys Origin really sparked my desire for Ys games, so I bought and quickly got through Ys VI. Still, my fingers are still itching for Ys action, so I think I will actually replay the Ys series entries I own instead of just declaring my intent to replay them. Otherwise, I really want to replay Xenogears at some point.

Anyway, happy end of 2014 and hope 2015 is awesome!


December 9, 2014

Today is a good day

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Suikoden 2 is on PSN in North America. More importantly, it is downloaded onto my Vita. Now it ties Suikoden I with the game I have the most copies of. Then again, 3 copies isn’t really a huge deal…

For those of you who weren’t early birds like me, the game is $9.99 on PSN. The easiest way to find it is to search the online store. Thankfully an online buddy pointed me to the right direction, since it was not listed in the store app at the time I bought it.

Anyway, for those of you who have yet to play Suikoden II, I think it’s worth the price right now. Especially if you want Konami to bring more Suikoden games to PSN. Maybe other companies will notice how Suikoden II PSN sales go (hopefully they are amazing) and more JRPG classics make it to PSN. Either way, I think today is a good day for Suikoden and JRPG fans.

Also, play Suikoden I first before Suikoden II. The save data import is totally worth it, and the first game is only 15-20 hours long.

December 5, 2014

5 most anticipated games of 2015

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I might as well join the party of people who are declaring what they are looking forward to among scheduled 2015 releases. We’ll go with 5 games since I like the number 5.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles X. They said it was coming out 2015 so it better be! I have faith in Monolithsoft to make something unique, though I wish they went back to their crazy Xenosaga roots a bit more. I’m not expecting it to top Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenogears or anything for me. I just want something solid and memorable, and I think XCX can do that for me.

2. Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC. It didn’t release this year, which is a bummer, but I suppose I didn’t think too hard about that with a billion other games to play. Still, I have heard that the real meat of the story is in SC, and the last chapter of FC really makes me believe that. I really don’t want to have to play FC again (especially not that prologue) because I don’t remember what happened, so please release SC soon!

3. Code STEAM. Looks like a fun times tactical RPG. It also reminds me that I have yet to play Advanced Wars. Still, if I can play as Abraham Lincoln and save the world from aliens…

4. Tales of Zestiria. Tales and dragons! Or is it Tales with more dragons? Though I don’t know if this game will actually make it out of Japan by 2015. They better not pull a Xillia on us…

5. Persona 5. I kind of hesitate to put this on my list for a variety of reasons, mainly the fact that it maybe has a 50% chance of coming out next year and the fact that I’m not sure about buying it right away, considering Atlus’ recent pricing strategy. Yes, I’m not falling for that $50 price point for a 3DS game which would be like a $75 PS3 game? I really did not need to buy SMTIV at $50 with that crappy strategy guide. Not that I couldn’t find $50 of value in playing it, but I didn’t need to play that game right away and now it’s like $20… Anyway, If they price Persona 5 normally then I’ll probably bite right away, since I know I will inevitably run into spoilers due to being on the JRPG internet. I’m also conflicted about the whole P3/P4 milking going on. I think I wouldn’t mind it so much if they also released other new Persona games. But that’s a topic for a different post.

Obviously there are some other games I’d really like to put up here, but either I’d be working on playing previous entries first or there is only a small chance it would actually come out in 2015. Still, I think 2015 shall be an interesting year as console JRPGs will be on the rise again.

December 3, 2014

5 video game series that have dominated my thoughts this year

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I can’t believe it is already December. What I can believe is my habit of wanting to blog on the morning preceding a presentation instead of practicing my talk. I’m always worried about my inability to speak coherently, especially when I get nervous or excited. I just have to survive for 6 minutes this time! Or at least, it usually takes me 6 minutes to get through the presentation…

Anyway, one of the things I thought about last night was the video games that I’ve been into this year. Not just ones I’ve played a lot, but ones I have been thinking about. And thus I have the top 5 video game series that have dominated my gaming thoughts of 2014.

1. Suikoden. Is that a surprise? I don’t think it can be for anyone who knows me well enough. Suikoden is always on my mind, but a combination of Suikoden always present on my tumblr dashboard, Suikoden Day, Suikoden II ESRB drama, Suikoden streaming on the Konami twitch channel, and of course playing Suikoden games this year helps. I’m still working on getting the ending of Suikogaiden I and off to Suikogaiden II. However, Suikogaidens are not the end of my Suikoden journey, even if I will have played all the video game releases in some form by completing Suikogaiden II. I have Suikoden I and II for PSP and I even purchased Suikoden I off of PSN. The Suikoden never stops for me!

2. Tales of. This has been another heavy Tales of year for me. I conquered Tales of Innocence R, Tales of Hearts R, and Tales of Xillia 2, while also replaying Tales of Xillia. Usually I don’t play that many Tales games in one year. Tales is also on my mind because of Zestiria. It looks pretty good and it can’t go wrong with dragons, right? I also had a small urge to try to conquer Tales of Legendia, or at least get through the character quests this time. I need to stop being lazy and do well on this interview and get that full-time job! Then I can easily buy a PS2, even a new one if I want it to be shinier!

3. Xenosaga. It’s been on my mind not only due to Xenosaga being on my tumblr dashboard at times, but because this year was a pretty big fail in terms of replaying the Xenosaga games. I really do love the story and concept of the Xenosaga series, but I just somehow cannot deal with Xenosaga I’s battle system. I guess I’ve become too soft recently and Xenosaga I seems so drawn-out with battles. They aren’t pushover battles but the animations are long and it’s more like battles of attrition. I don’t want to rely on KOS-MOS for everything, but she’s like the only character who gets things done! Maybe I should really just skip to Xenosaga 3…

4. Ys. I am currently very obsessed with Ys. I’ve been playing all the Ys music, playing Ys Origin, just bought Ys VI, watched a video on YouTube talking about all the Ys releases they knew of in 2011 (thus not mentioning Ys Origin). I am probably going to replay all the Ys games that I own next year. I even contemplated buying Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga, but then I thought, there could be spoilers for Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky in English) and I have only played the first in the Sora no Kiseki series. That second game needs to get to us in English soon… It’s actually getting harder to find in Japanese online and also more expensive… Anyway, Ys is also on the mind due to the announcement of a Ys VIII (or whatever they will call it). If it improves on Ys IV for Vita, I will be totally obsessed with playing it.

5. Persona. Persona 3 & 4 is being milked hardcore, so there’s that. It doesn’t hurt when some of my tumblr buddies are super into Persona 4 and Persona Q right now. Then my brother was like “what about Persona 4 Arena?” and thus I started a Persona 4 replay so I can work on some new social links and actually get the true ending. My progress has slowed though due to my current Ys obsession, but I am still enjoying it. I am pretty done with Persona 3, though, after playing through the game and getting most social links twice. Though at least with the PSP version it was a male and a female playthrough. I don’t want to even contemplate FES. I have no desire to ever subject myself to that… But Persona Q maybe someday…

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a good gaming year so far! I plan to cap this year off by finishing a few more games. Let’s see how successful that plan is…