December 9, 2014

Today is a good day

Posted in video games tagged at 2:40 pm by riulyn

Suikoden 2 is on PSN in North America. More importantly, it is downloaded onto my Vita. Now it ties Suikoden I with the game I have the most copies of. Then again, 3 copies isn’t really a huge deal…

For those of you who weren’t early birds like me, the game is $9.99 on PSN. The easiest way to find it is to search the online store. Thankfully an online buddy pointed me to the right direction, since it was not listed in the store app at the time I bought it.

Anyway, for those of you who have yet to play Suikoden II, I think it’s worth the price right now. Especially if you want Konami to bring more Suikoden games to PSN. Maybe other companies will notice how Suikoden II PSN sales go (hopefully they are amazing) and more JRPG classics make it to PSN. Either way, I think today is a good day for Suikoden and JRPG fans.

Also, play Suikoden I first before Suikoden II. The save data import is totally worth it, and the first game is only 15-20 hours long.



  1. roanoke834 said,

    Might finally have to load up the copy of Suikoden 1 I grabbed off the PSN a year ago XD I’ve heard two is pretty great.

  2. Joseph said,

    Buying this tonight and playing it on my psp. Best freaking psn news ever! Lol

  3. Tara said,

    This is truly fantastic news! I was able to play Suikoden 2 on my PSP before I ruined that ability to play it, so the PSN version is a godsend! I’m so ready to plunge into this wonderful gaming world 😀

  4. Paul said,

    Oh happy days! I’ll snag a digital copy in case a ZombieSlug ever breaks into my house and steals my disc copy. Wonderfully great game, just finished replaying it.

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