April 23, 2015

2015 Goals Progress Report #1

Posted in video games tagged , at 8:54 pm by riulyn

So about 4 months ago I posted on some 2015 goals. How have I faced them so far?

Goal 1: Play Mass Effect games.
Well, I’m still towards the very beginning of Mass Effect 1. I really need to get the ball rolling on this, but I have let other games get in the way. I suppose it has been good for my backlog, though not good for Mass Effect.

Goal 2: Continue to play Japanese games.
I could concentrate on this harder. I was playing Hakusei Renai Shoukougun (a GL visual novel) but then switched over to Ys 3 as part of my Ys replay and I have yet to finish my Ys 3 replay due to other distractions. Instead, I have been using Durarara 3-way standoff Alley V (a game based off the Durarara anime/light novels) for practice. The vocabulary of this game is actually quite a bit easier than Hakusei’s medical stuff and most RPGs, to be honest. I did also finish through Ending A of NieR Replicant, but to be honest I’m not sure how much Japanese I was really learning from a game whose plot I know so well. Overall, I think I’ve done an okay job here though I could definitely be spending more of my gaming time gaming in Japanese.

Goal 3: Play and finish Skies of Arcadia Legends.
As of tonight, this goal has been completed. The game was really, really good. Might be my top 10, actually, once I really think about game rankings again. Highly recommended (though I think many of you played this game well before I did).

Goal 4: Finally finish Disgaea and then play Disgaea D2.
I am nearing┬áthe end of Disgaea. I’ve probably grinded more than necessary, but I really like having a mage who can cast all of the good magic and Laharl have a lot of skills. Basically, I’ve grown too many characters up and have not efficiently worked through the game, but I don’t mind. I do think this game will be beat by June and I look forward to Disgaea D2.

Goal 5: Finish Shadow Hearts Covenant and From the New World
Sadly, I keep wavering on whether to get a new PS2 or not because I’m not sure I’m going to move or not. Emulating hasn’t worked well for some reason and my brother’s PS3 which can play PS2 games is not a system I can use too often (it took me 3 months to get 30 hours to beat Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World). To be honest, I should probably just buy another PS2 and just spend the extra effort moving it when I have to, since I have been listening to the Shadow Hearts 2 soundtrack and thinking about how great the game had been before my PS2 failed to read discs…

I think overall I have been doing an okay job at working on my goals, considering I am more of a gamer who makes goals and constantly changes them. I hope you all have been having a good time gaming these past few months. Anything goals that you’ve achieved, gaming-wise? Let me know so I can congratulate you!