May 13, 2015

Summer preorders

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Things are moving along in my actual life. I have liveable income coming in starting July 1, I have a new apartment to move into, and most relevant to my audience here, I feel good enough about my situation to start pre-ordering things again! This time I even have 2 limited editions pre-ordered for the goodies. My pre-orders are

  • Trails in the Sky FC Evolution (Vita, Japanese). Comes with Falcom Gakuen Season 1 (the anime shorts) and an artbook. Unlikely for this version to come to the U.S., so I’m getting my goodies for ~$70
  • Ar no surge Plus (Vita, English). Physical version of $54.99 comes with a poster, microfiber cloth, and some other stuff I don’t need. Mostly I want the physical Vita version to add to my ar tonelico-related boxes and having a poster is nice.
  • Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (Vita, English). Since it is made by the same people as Demon Gaze, I’m expecting a more polished dungeon crawling experience with this.

You might be wondering why Xenoblade Chronicles X is not on my list. Well, my brother has taken care of that with his own pre-order. Now I just need to remind him to get farther in Xenoblade…

Anyway, it’s still May so summer announcements may still be coming. It’s not like I haven’t been buying games this year (my digital Vita backlog is ever expanding), but it’s kind of nice to be buying stuff at release instead of always sales, even if sales means “saving” money.


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  1. Joseph said,

    Xeno X is tempting me to get a wii U. Something I never thought I’d say:)

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