June 21, 2015

I like cute girls but…

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I just finished up the main story of Atelier Rorona Plus today. Since i haven’t played the other two in the trilogy, I am saving the next part for when I finish that, as the other two heroines are involved in the added part. Time to decide whether to buy Totori Plus or to play my brother’s copy of Totori for PS3.

Anyway, I loved so much of Atelier Rorona. Rorona being cute and oblivious was definitely part of it. Cute, oblivious, and somehow kicking all types of ass with her staff (for some reason her weapons were always way more kickass than the stuff I had for other characters, probably because I really didn’t give them as much love). Rorona wasn’t the only cute girl in the game, though. Cordelia and Lionela were quite precious as well. Too bad I didn’t finish either of their stories (could not find the ingredients necessary for Lionela’s in time, and didn’t go out enough with Cory). Sadly, two of the four guys were much older though I guess they could be seen as cute. But I’m talking both about cute character design as well as cute in personality, and Rorona is the queen of this in her game.

This type of cute is what I want more in games. Not a cute character that isn’t just there to be rescued or humiliated. And especially not a cute character that is just there to be sexualized. Some of the sexualization I have heard of in recent games borders on pedophilia since the girls look so young, and I’m not okay with pedophilia. My biggest problem is when sexualization of cute girls is integral to the game mechanic. Even if you can do things like turn off the stripping videos in a game like Ar tonelico Qoga, it’s still heavily integrated into the game mechanic. It’s especially disturbing to me when the stripping is not done entirely by will and the character you play encourages the girl to strip to be more effective in the game. Yes, I think I’ll never be okay with Ar tonelico Qoga because of this. But I feel like other games like Criminal Girls and Senran Kagura do stuff like this too? Maybe not quite ATQ in “exposing skin makes song magic more powerful” but as generally part of the action (reward or punishment)? I haven’t played either so don’t quote me on that.

Do Atelier games have to be my only real option for a game featuring cute girls as main characters with a deep RPG feel? Do I have to otherwise find my fix in games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Pokemon? I’m all for the increase in female leads recently in games, but JRPGs are still really the only place for serious games with cute leads and the bias there is still really strong towards “cute” males… What a shame. There’s got to be other people like me out there, right? Gamers who want to play cute girl leads in serious RPGs without them being sexualized.


June 14, 2015

Gust Gust NISA Gust

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After finishing up Infinite Undiscovery on Thursday, my major gaming plans of the future pretty much goes like this

Atelier Rorona Plus (Gust)
Ar tonelico Qoga (Gust)
Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy (NISA)
Ar no surge Plus (Gust)

Of course, plenty of other things too, but I just enjoyed this pattern. I’m really enjoying Atelier Rorona and I think I’m pretty much going to be getting into all the Atelier. Surprisingly I actually like Rorona better than the Iris trilogy games. Maybe because the main plots of the Iris games weren’t that great but the other stuff was decent, and Rorona just focuses on the other stuff? It’s a nice change of pace from just straight-up RPG. I can see how someone could get tired out from playing games like that constantly, though, so a break is probably in order before I take on Totori.

I still have issues with Ar tonelico Qoga, but ultimately playing Ar tonelico 2 convinced me that I should at least get through it. Stupid hook at the end of AT2 and knowing a spoiler or two about AT3 convinced me… I’m just sad in general about the direction the series took with the tone of AT3 vs AT2. There’s always been this layer of physical intimacy associated with Reyvateil interactions since the first game, but the first game just kind of glossed over it, the second game recognized it but also made fun of it, and the third game appears to turn it up to 11 and use it as a selling point. It’s just so sad when the previous games generally had very interesting and emotionally deep female characters and the third game wants to promote the girls instead as sexual fantasies… This is probably a post for a different day.

Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy came in with a bonus CD which was quite nice. The intro song is pretty catchy. I have a little issue with the graphics and I keep wanting to continue through the walls. Anyway, I’m amused by some of the people chosen to represent the different classes. Japanese people really like Jeanne D’Arc among other people… Anyway, once I leave Rorona I plan to dig into this one. I’ll probably stick with what they gave me at the beginning and worry about customizing on round 2.

And then last but not least in the Vita backlog, I am looking quite forward to Ar no surge Plus (comes out July 2nd in NA!). The reception towards it has been a lot better than towards Ar tonelico Qoga, so I hope that I also enjoy it more than Qoga. I’ll be on the look out for Ciel no Surge Plus in Japan, among a billion other games.

Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution also just came out and is on its way to my apartment, but I don’t see myself actually playing it soon. Still leveling up my Japanese skills and playing Hakuisei Ren’ai Shoukougun for that purpose. In the end I think FC in Japanese will be okay since I’ve played it in English already. SC is still supposed to come out this summer in English so we’ll see how I feel. Probably will support the release as well as get the Evolution version in Japanese, but we will see…