July 19, 2015

Japanese Sundays

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I’m still debating what JLPT level to take in December, but getting some N2 level grammar books made me realize that 1) I really don’t know these grammar points but I can half-ass read the grammar explanations that are in Japanese 2) vocab can really carry me far in understanding Japanese games. I can definitely tell that my understanding of Japanese used in games has improved tremendously since I really started doing this in early 2013, but I want to be better so I’m purposely going to devote 1 day of the week to solely playing games in Japanese. I started this last Sunday and I think it’ll work well for my Japanese knowledge as well as my Japanese game backlog. Aka “Japanese Sundays”.

Last week I started Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X. At first I was a little worried about a game that is a sequel to Tales of Phantasia since the battle system is slow and cumbersome in the first. Narikiri (the full game name is too long to write over and over again) is very fast-paced. I kinda dread going back to Tales of Legendia when I finally do that, since the button response is so fast here. The costume/job class thing is pretty awesome. The main characters themselves are pretty awful walking stereotypes, though. Also the perverted wardrobe, Albert (yes a talking wardrobe) is not only a stereotype but borders on disturbing since he has no qualms perving on 13-year-old Meru. He might be less disturbing to someone who grew up in Japan, but that’s a topic for a different post…

Getting another ending in DRRR 3-way standoff alley V was just a warm-up for my real test. Yes, I’m going to tackle Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution! I’m really hoping that the voice-acting will help, though to be honest I can barely follow any complicated Japanese audio without any pictures or text due to the way I’ve studied Japanese. Then again, it’s less than a test than FF Type-0 would be, since I can control the pace of the dialogue advancement and I have played the localization. I guess the real test will be SC. Hopefully they do a Evolution style for that one too, but I have no idea how the tenth or whatever number remake of FC really sold at this point… The artbook I got is pretty nice, though amusing that since I got the Joshua version I only get pages dedicated to the main male characters…

In other news, I’m still keeping okay pace with my goal of beating 3 games/month for this year. I just finished Chrono Trigger yesterday for game 2 of this month, and I should be able to finish Growlanser 3 in like a week (another short game). It sort of feels like cheating when I aim to finish shorter games to reduce the size of my backlog, but at the same time they are all games I want to beat eventually. For August the focus will be Shadow Hearts 2/Covenant. If Japanese Sundays go well, maybe Narikiri will be on that list too.


July 5, 2015

Holy crap it is already July

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2015 is flying by fast, at least for me. I’m still managing to keep a good pace of games beaten vs games bought. Just barely, with the allure of all those PSN sales.

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