August 29, 2015

Heading to Japan in about a week!

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Let me brag a bit…? Yes, time to list all the gaming-things I’m hoping to do.

  1. I’ve decided to buy a Japanese new 3DS. I was persuaded by the fact that I can use my U.S. credit card on the Japanese e-shop. I’m prepared to buy not only RPGs but some anime cash-ins. Spending all the money… At least the e-shop does sales. I probably will only buy used 3DS games when in Japan and sort out the other stuff later.
  2. The 3DS games I’m on the look out for used include Beyond the Labyrinth, Dragon Quest VII, Bravely Default End Layer, Funassyi vs. Dragons, and sports anime-related ones (KNB, Haikyuu!!, PoT?). Mostly I’m scouring for Beyond the Labyrinth as it is not on the eshop.
  3. I’m still going to buy PSP games. Looking for Last Ranker, Grand Knights History, Tales of Rebirth, Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga, Growlanser I, a bunch of VNs maybe? Maybe Atelier Judie and Viorate for PSP too.
  4. I also have a shorter DS list of Soma Bringer, Atelier Lina & Lise. But more importantly…
  5. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for Fire Emblem games for GBA and DS. Super Potato is on my list of stores to hit so I will probably¬†find it there, or somewhere in Nakano Broadway or Akiba. As for the newest Fire Emblem, I’ll probably wait until I figure out what version(s) I want to get. It’s not like I’m so desperate for FE that I need to play the newest one right now, anyway. And I won’t be lacking in FE if my plans go right.
  6. PS3 & Vita-wise, there are some VNs that I’m looking into including 428 and Time Travelers. Also Ciel no Surge because I have no faith in that coming westward. Maybe some otomes, BL, or GL games? Not sure. Also,¬†I might pick up an entry of Boku no Natsuyasumi. To be honest, most of the PS3 games I want have come out in English.
  7. I’m already at point 7, but hopefully we stop by the Dragon Quest-themed Lawsons by Akiba station. I’m not planning to get DQ8 3DS yet, so I’ll miss out on DLC and stuff but the fan looks pretty cute.
  8. Soundtrack-wise I am looking hardcore for any used Hymmnos CDs besides the Ar tonelico 2 ones that I already own. I’m also looking for Ar tonelico, Suikoden, Bravely Default, and Blazblue OSTs.
  9. I already picked up some Suikoden doujins last time, so I’m not sure how much game-related doujin I’ll buy (anime doujin might take all my doujin money instead), but I guess I’d be curious about some Tales of Xillia doujinshi maybe?

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  1. Joseph said,

    I’m so sad dqvii never made it over. It’s an awesome game but the battle system is so outdated that the 3ds upgrade looks so great. I hope you have an amazing time! Definitely take some photos at the new DQ store! Lol least that’s what i would do first thing

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