September 20, 2015

Impressions of games bought during Japan trip 2015 – Part One

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Instead of finishing games up more quickly I’ve started to play some of the used games I bought in Japan. After all, it’s hard to just sit on games that you’ve just bought, especially when it was a big part of my trip. Let me talk a bit about a few that I’ve started.

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September 15, 2015

Japan Trip – Photos Time

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This is the Lawson store that was decorated with Dragon Quest goods. I bought some slime candy which you’ll see in a later photo. Since I wanted to stop by Akiba anyway, it wasn’t a bad side trip.


21 games! I did not lie. Mandarakes and Book Offs are good places to check first for used games if they aren’t too rare. Akiba prices in general will be a bit marked up compared to other neighborhoods like Shibuya or Ikebukuro but there will be a bigger selection. The Mandarake in Akiba completely owned my wallet…


7 game-related soundtracks. Would have picked up Saki & Tyria’s hymmnos CD if it was also¬†at the Akiba K books, but it was not meant to be (maybe I’ll splurge on it sometime next year…)


Game-related goodies! The top is a Ludger cup that I found at a small Tales of shop in Akiba. Too bad the selection wasn’t huge, but it had some goodies from the Tales of events that take place in Japan. Below the cup are two pins that I bought used at a Kbooks in Ikebukuro featuring Ludger and Milla (yes, obviously Ludger is my fave from Xillia 2 and Milla of the Xillia duo). To the right are gacha finds – there are very few gachas related to video games that aren’t also heavily-promoted animes (aka Pokemon, Persona 4, or recently God Eater) but I found a Chrono Cross one in gachatown in Akiba and got a small Kid keychain and the smaller Milla pin is from the Tales of gacha in the Tales of store. Below that are some dragon quest slime candies I have not tried yet and a magnet of the hero of Suikoden I that I found surprisingly at the animate in Ikebukuro. There were also magnets for a few other characters in Suikoden I & II. I’m not a fan of chibi really but it was Suikoden and not at a used games or doujin store, so I had to buy something. Finally the bottom is a notebook featuring the Pokemon Halloween-themed Pikachuu designs. Yes, Halloween advertising is a thing in Japan and has already started in many places.

I figured I spare the photos that would do no justice but I did also pick up a few more Suikoden doujinshi as well as some Tales of Xillia doujinshi. In the end this trip was pretty shopping-heavy, packed pretty much late morning to late night with something, whether it was shopping or sightseeing or karaoke, and I wish I could have had a bit of a more relaxed trip. But overall it was a great success. Here’s to hoping I can visit Japan again in a few years…

September 14, 2015

Japan Trip – The Game & Soundtrack Tally

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7 days in Tokyo is just too quick. A good portion was devoted to shopping, which was not kind to my wallet. I picked up some important stuff as well as some interesting stuff. Let’s start with the games.

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