September 14, 2015

Japan Trip – The Game & Soundtrack Tally

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7 days in Tokyo is just too quick. A good portion was devoted to shopping, which was not kind to my wallet. I picked up some important stuff as well as some interesting stuff. Let’s start with the games.

  1. Dragon Quest VII 3DS. Picked up the Ultimate Hits version because it is cheaper than the first release new. Also picked it up at the same time as the black new Japanese 3DS. Regular size because I don’t feel the need for LL.
  2. Labyrinth no Kanata. A 3DS Konami & Tri-Ace RPG.
  3. Time Travelers. Picked up the 3DS version as it was the only one I saw used. This is a VN-type game created by Level 5.
  4. Ciel nosurge Offline. The companion to Ar nosurge that wasn’t localized, even though it came out for Vita too (and not just online). Found this at Trader.
  5. Durarara!! Relay. The second Durarara!! game released for Vita. I enjoyed the first one so I am sure I’ll enjoy this one too. This ended up being the most expensive game I bought, because I only found the limited edition used. Considering the game did just come out in January, I would have had to waited a few years for a significant price drop.
  6. Tales of Vesperia PS3. I think it was worth the 1500-ish yen I paid to have my own copy of the game, even though I played the 360 version before. Being able to play as Flynn will be awesome.
  7. Fire Emblem Fuuin no Ken (Sealed Sword?). Found this at Mandarake in Akiba. This one I believe did not get released outside of Japan.
  8. Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword?). Also a Mandarake find. Getting it for 4400 yen used is probably cheaper than getting the U.S. version used?
  9. Fire Emblem: New – Shadow Dragon and Light Sword (roughly). The remake of the first Fire Emblem game for DS.
  10. Fire Emblem: New – Mystery of the Emblem – Light and Shadow Hero – (roughly). The remake of the second Fire Emblem game. Was more expensive then the previous because Marth is in it? Who knows for sure.
  11. Atelier Lise. An Atelier game for DS which I believe stayed in Japan.
  12. Front Mission 2089 for DS. It’s Front Mission so it won’t be bad? Either way, it was cheap.
  13. Shining Force Feather for DS. 500 yen Shining game. Also it was before the Tony Tanaka art I think so maybe the game will be better than the previous Shining games I have tried?
  14. Atelier Elle for PS1. It was 108 yen. What a steal?! Guess I have to play the game to find out.
  15. Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga. Have had my eye on this one for a while but saving it until I beat Trails in the Sky TC, as I think there are some possible spoilers, even if it is an alternative saga.
  16. Nayuta no Kiseki. Found this for 500 yen and according to wikipedia it is not too related to the other Kiseki games.
  17. Zwei!!. My third Falcom PSP game. Looks fun.
  18. Tales of Destiny 2 PSP best version. 950 yen for a game that our family for some reason has in Mandarin. Sadly but true but I will definitely have a better time understanding the game in Japanese than in Mandarin.
  19. Last Ranker. Another PSP RPG of the action type. It was 300 yen before tax. Such a good time to pick up lesser-known PSP games used in Japan.
  20. Grand Knights History. Also a cheap PSP RPG 😀
  21. Growlanser PSP. This is a port or a remake (not sure) of the first Growlanser game. It’ll be a bit weird playing this as my first Growlanser experience is the sequel to this released in the Working Designs Growlanser set. This Growlanser game for some reason never made it outside of Japan. Atlus could have done something about it but…oh well, I guess.

Final game tally = 21. 3 for 3DS, 1 for PS3, 2 for Vita, 2 for GBA, 1 for PS1, 5 for DS, 7 for PSP.

Soundtrack shopping wasn’t bad too. My goal was to pick up some Hymmnos and I did, along with some Suikoden. This is what I got in the end.

  1. Suikogaiden Vol 1 OST
  2. Suikogaiden Vol 2 OST
  3. Ar tonelico OST
  4. Ar tonelico 3 OST
  5. Ar nosurge OST
  6. Ar tonelico hymmnos concert side blue (aka Misha)
  7. Ar tonelico III hymmnos concert side red (aka Finnel)

The reason there isn’t any Ar tonelico 2 there? I had already imported those in February. I don’t regret that decision as I still think the OST and hymmnos CDs are better than these pickups. Then again, I have not given Ar nosurge a chance. The Suikogaiden OSTs were only 800 yen each, so I could not give in to my temptation. They were cheaper than the arrange CDs. Maybe next time in Japan I’ll give in to the urge to grab those as I always enjoy bringing back Suikoden-related things.

I’ll talk about my trip in a different post.


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