September 20, 2015

Impressions of games bought during Japan trip 2015 – Part One

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Instead of finishing games up more quickly I’ve started to play some of the used games I bought in Japan. After all, it’s hard to just sit on games that you’ve just bought, especially when it was a big part of my trip. Let me talk a bit about a few that I’ve started.

  1. Dragon Quest VII 3DS. I’m seriously not very far. I’ve only just run around from the first town to the castle, but the graphics and controls so far feel like an updated version of DQ9. Also, it’s really hard to resist breaking all the pots and opening all the drawers, so progress could have happened faster. Really, the only reason I’m not farther is because other shiny games have distracted me, such as…
  2. Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Ken. This is the Fire Emblem game featuring Roy that is sucking much of my attention right now. I decided to go with game release order even though I believe Blazing Sword takes place before. There’s no difficulty setting to choose from at first so I think they put you at “normal”, which is harder than I usually play a Fire Emblem game (except Awakening, because their difficulty system was off). Roy proceeded to fail at the RNG game the very first time I played a battle and died. He’s actually been rather good at evading ever since, strangely enough. It’s definitely been trickier than my playthrough of Sacred Stones but in a sense more familiar to that then the newer ones, which makes sense. Knowing that Fire Emblem games can have branching pathways and stuff, I looked up a walkthrough for FE6 and it looks more confusing than I expected. I’ve just made it to Chapter 8, and according to guides I’ll have to be even better at treading carefully and finishing battles within turn limits from now on.
  3. Atelier Liese. This is a DS Atelier game and maybe if I spent time with the booklet I’d do a better job optimizing my playthrough, but I feel like I’m making good progress regardless. The basic setup is that you are a princess but your kingdom has run out of money so you’ve gone to another kingdom to work and make money. In typical Atelier game fashion your work is making or gathering items that people request. The making items part is mostly fine; so far I haven’t really seen too many different “special qualities” pop up besides ones for color and size in my actual ingredients, even if some of the requests you can take have asked for other stuff. The game has a few mini-games related to synthesis that can sometimes lead to better yields, and maybe something else I haven’t discovered yet. Really, my only three main cons for this game is 1) There really seems to be very little structure to the game. I liked having a reason to synthesize things besides increasing my popularity. On the other hand, I’m not sure if there are any strict time guidelines for unlocking any character-related events? 2) Harvesting items is basically moving the + cursor back and forth on a background, so not visually stimulating at all 3) Sometimes in battles the enemies can do a supermove and instead of doing 1 HP damage do like 100 HP damage. I just don’t understand why and how it works. Overall, I am enjoying this game enough as something rather mindless, but I certainly wouldn’t suggest anyone go out of their way to play it (the newer games are so much better if you want more RPG – Iris trilogy or more developed char/story – Arland trilogy and beyond, at least from what I saw in Atelier Rorona.
  4. Tales of Vesperia PS3. It felt like it had been a while since I played Tales of Vesperia and it really has been. I kind of remembered the opening sequence but kind of didn’t? After playing the portable Tales games, I forgot I couldn’t press the guard button and the opposite directional button from where I’m facing to backstep like it is automatic in the recent games. Maybe it’s learned as a skill later? I completely forgot. Almost got creamed in the first battle because of it. Otherwise, I feel like they put a fresh coat on Vesperia with this version, unless I really did forget that there were so many animated cutscenes at the beginning… I definitely feel the pull to replay this game, though, just from an hour of play.

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