October 21, 2015

Impressions of games bought during Japan trip 2015 – Part Two

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I’ve actually beaten 1 of 21 games I bought in Japan so far. However, Tokyo Xanadu just arrived at my apartment, so it may be a bit before I really tackle more. I’m barely anywhere in Tokyo Xanadu but graphically the characters look much nicer than in Ys Celceta. I’m hoping battle gameplay is awesome, as the other stuff seems interesting so far… Anyway

  1. Atelier Lise was the game I actually finished. Certainly a slow-start game and a game meant to figure out and replay a lot of times? A lot of stuff isn’t entirely transparent. Thankfully there is a guide by Michael Baker for this game. I got the restaurant ending instead of the bad ending at least. I definitely did not get close enough at all to the alchemy levels needed to make the ultimate item… I’m sure there is some optimal way of dungeon visiting and synthesis that’ll get you to the end. I also only managed 2 of the 4 superbosses. Either way it was a fun enough amusement, but I still think Rorona and beyond is where my Atelier ways really lie.
  2. I did try a little bit of Atelier Elie, though. Also a game with some English info on the Internet and a translation project was in the works? I didn’t get too far into the game but I guess I told someone that I wasn’t interested in getting married. I don’t remember why I was asked… Oh well. Nothing is too difficult to play so far, though I hear that the game has “exams” in Japanese at some points during the game which will be challenging for learners like me…
  3. I also started up Shining Force Feather. So far it isn’t hard but it’s not the walk in the park that Shining Hearts and beyond were for the most part. The beginning chapters are short – I’m already at Chapter 3. Pretty dialogue-heavy at first, though not always substance. Jin and Vail are too chatty, maybe, and a bit too stupid. There’s also plenty (so far) of optional scenes. I’ve been doing them because that’s the stuff I usually like. All I can say so far is these characters are much more tolerable than the newer Shining games characters were. Makes me wonder why it all changed…
  4. I’ve gotten farther in Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Ken. I’m up to Chapter 12 Gaiden. By following a guide I do plan to get all the gaiden chapters in this playthrough and get the true ending, but then again the first two gaidens have pretty easy unlock conditions. Anyway, Roy is actually decent now; maybe I got a bit lucky with the stat increases. Really, though, I use him to make Lilina (via support level A) more badass than usual. She was definitely worth training up. I’m still trying to make an archer useful; I tried with Sue and Volt but I’m just not sure I really like either. Also, for some reason there have just been a ton of chapters with axe-wielding enemies so my cavaliers, myrmidons, and fighters are getting all the kills. I’m a bit worried about not really having Thany ready to do more than just transport and hide. Anyway, I’m only half-following the plot. Roy himself seems like a genuinely keen guy. Even with inexperience he may be a bit rash but he doesn’t just fall for traps or go all-out crazy. I respect him way more than Ephraim of Sacred Stones (whose path I have barely played but from Eirika’s POV and from what I’ve read, he’s kinda too lucky…) Anyway I certainly plan to finish this game and the prequel. Maybe by then Nintendo will have localized the newest 3DS Fire Emblem…
  5. I got further in Tales of Vesperia PS3 as well. I had forgotten how much of a “bully” Yuri is towards Karol. But I do remember Estelle being her crazy self. Anyway, thankfully skill-learning starts pretty early in the game. I am seriously dependent on the backstep ability… Otherwise, it could just be hearing the English dub first, but I kind of want to punch Karol when he speaks with his Japanese voice? Or maybe I’ve forgotten how I kind of wanted to bully him when I first played the game? It makes me feel kind of bad, since I already know how good Karol actually is from playing Vesperia 360, but still…

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