November 12, 2015

Happy Suikoden Day 2015!

Posted in video games tagged , at 8:26 pm by riulyn

Just letting you guys all know that Suikoden fandom is gathering at as well as some on tumblr and twitter. I’m actually not up to as much Suikoden as last year due to work and Tokyo Xanadu (I will tell you more about it when I finish, but I am definitely enjoying it!), but I do plan to wear my Suikoden T-shirt tomorrow and I started a Suikoden II Clive’s quest playthrough. Although Tokyo Xanadu is totally in the way.

At this point I do think the Suikoden series will not be continued by Konami except maybe on mobile, and most likely first with another spinoff, but I am very happy that we got Suikoden II and Suikoden III on PSN this past year. Here’s hoping the rest of the PS2 games make it on PSN as well. Actually I wish all PS2 RPGs could be on PSN. I really don’t need to own a physical copy of a game like Legaia 2, but I’m hesitant to sell something that I may never find again…

I’ve continued to design and knit Suikoden rune gloves. I have been putting most of those pictures on tumblr. I still think the best design is the Soul Eater. Simple yet very unique! The Rune of Beginning is pretty cool too.

Anyway, I do enjoy the gathering of Suikoden fans every year, even if it has to be on Facebook or tumblr only. I think it always inspires me because it really shows how games can connect to people and connect people with other people. I still have to thank Suikoden for the reason why I really pursued Japanese studies and why I can enjoy a game like Tokyo Xanadu soon after its Japanese release and not wait 6 months+ for XSEED to come with an English translation. Also the Japanese language, while difficult for English speakers, is actually very cool. It really makes me think of how we communicate, what we don’t communicate well and what we do communicate well based on what language we are using.

It’s a bit early still to make concrete gaming plans for next year, but I am definitely planning on another Suikoden series playthrough. This time I’ll actually play Suikoden I & II in Japanese. It’ll also be interesting to see if I have different thoughts on Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki with a second playthrough and better Japanese knowledge, though don’t expect to see my thoughts on that until the latter half of 2016.



  1. Paul said,

    My favorite series! I replayed 1 and 2 last year, was hoping to get to III this year, but didn’t, as my PS2 copy’s disc is scratched. Thankfully, it came out on PSN so I’m good to go…whenever I decide the time is right. II continues to be an amazing adventure.

    • riulyn said,

      Thank goodness for PSN! I really hope the rest of the Suikoden games come out on PSN, as I also worry about my disc copy getting scratched and unplayable.

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