November 17, 2015

Looking towards December and early 2016

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It’s already mid-November and gaming-wise it has been a good year, even if I didn’t manage to actually tackle too many games that actually came out this year. Even though I wouldn’t say this year’s lineup has been great in terms of the number of high-quality + wide-appealing RPGs released in North America, there were a lot of interesting games that came out this year that I’ll definitely keep in mind when sales come. For most people who play RPGs, I’m sure Fallout 4 is consuming their life right now. I do think it is a game I will enjoy eventually. I’m just still really far behind with western RPGs especially since I’ve been upping my study of Japanese and increasing my Japanese game backlog. At least I managed to finish Mass Effect 1 in October…

December starts off with some real action with Xenoblade Chronicles X, the game I’ve waited to get my hands for a long while now. It’s frustrating that it takes so long for a game like that to release outside of Japan, but I’ve resigned myself to dealing with Nintendo’s strange ways. December may also see the release of Trails of Cold Steel in North America. Most likely after Trails in the Sky Second Chapter Evolution releases. The release of SC in English came too late for me. I had already ordered SC Evolution and already played some of FC Evolution and realized my Japanese was good enough (obviously with dictionary help). I just don’t see the third game of the trilogy coming out anytime in English, so I decided it was better to do the whole trilogy in Japanese and keep everything consistent that way. However, Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 appear to have more hope of being localized in a timely manner, so I plan to support those English releases.

For January, I preordered Atelier Escha&Logy Plus. Then recently Atelier Ayesha Plus was half-off so I picked that up and just started it up. The sale had good timing, since I plan to finish Ayesha before Escha&Logy arrive at my apartment. I also hope to pick up Totori Plus and Meruru Plus next year, if I ever get a breather. I am not yet suffering from Atelier overdose; I played some more of Atelier Elie this weekend. For someone who is more of an RPG person, it’s weird that I like the less RPG-ish Atelier games I’ve played more than the Iris trilogy…

I can’t remember any January releases of new games off the top of my head, but I believe Night of Azure (Yoru no nai Kuni) comes out in early February as well as Fire Emblem: Fates. I’m annoyed with the whole 2 different games deal with FE Fates, considering the FE series has sold diverging story paths (Sacred Stones) as one game in the past. At least they are selling a both games + third story that is usually DLC for ~$80 so I don’t have to think too much about it. Like I do understand that there may be a lot of content in each FE game and that they are actually different stories, but it still feels like a money-making scheme. Two separate games to me is usually one game that came out first and a second game that comes later with tweaks and improvements based on how the first one did. With both releasing at the same time, we don’t get that.

Star Ocean 5 also comes out early 2016 in Japan, but I think for a big console release Square will actually care enough to get the game localized timely and I expect a spring/summer release outside Japan. I’m still annoyed that Bravely Default End Layer is still not out in North America. I was hoping to find it cheap in Japan in September, but it seems like it is still popular enough that it can still register on sales charts even after its April release.

The intriguing Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna releases in February in Japan. Considering the 4800 yen price I may decide to import it, but I’m going to wait a month (for it to actually get listed at my usual import sites) and see how I feel about the state of my backlog then. I believe it is supposed to release in North America, but the Japanese price looks cheap enough to me (considering most Vita games are like 6000-ish yen I think? Then again I keep buying limited editions for 8000-9000-ish…).

There’s probably going to continue to be announcements for games coming out January/February/March in the next few weeks. I think with Japan finally releasing multiple RPGs for PS4 it is going to be interesting to see if they do well enough for more large Japanese console RPGs in the future. Personally I hope they sell well because I like having large RPGs along with the smaller ones. Even if that means having to spend more money…well I only really spend money on overseas trips and games nowadays…



  1. Joseph said,

    Currently playing tales of zesteria, fallout 4 and destiny on my ps4. Really fun fall season of gaming, but I really want dragon quest heroes when I can free up the cash. Zesteria has been really really good btw, don’t know if you have played it yet. Fallout is solid for sure, good times all around

    • riulyn said,

      I have yet to pick up Tales of Zestiria. I just don’t think I have time for it right now and there was no preorder bonus I really needed. I do plan to play it in the future.

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