December 18, 2015

5 Things that don’t make sense to me

Posted in video games tagged at 7:52 pm by riulyn

  1. Why does the text for menus have to be so small in Xenoblade Chronicles X? I want to know what my arts do without just trial and error.
  2. Why does it take so long for Nintendo to localize their Japanese RPGS? I would have had time for XCX if it had come out in the summer. And now Fire Emblem Fates comes out at the same time as Project X Zone 2. I know I’ll want to play PXZ2 close to its release, so when do I have time for FE Fates?
  3. Why does Bravely Second still not have a release date for North America? I really wish I had seen it used in Japan in September; I just didn’t want to pay full Japanese price for it. It is rare/beloved in Japan I guess?
  4. What the heck are those outfits in Exist Archive? I don’t even want to know…
  5. Why does XSEED have such bad timing when it comes to Trails? I still have that Trails of Cold Steel lionheart preordered, but when they plan for a duo-pack Falcom announces Cold Steel III…