January 31, 2016

Games I want to replay in 2016

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Double post today! I’m off to Taiwan for a week on Wednesday, so I’m thinking about my February gaming plans and how I still want to sneak in some replays this year. I know it’s silly, considering the expanding backlog and how behind I am on 2015 games, but I still think it’s nice to replay games, especially when you think about how you want to play that game again and do something slightly differently. Or have a better understanding of what was happening because you didn’t pay good enough attention or the language used was difficult.

Top of my “want to replay in 2016” list is Ar tonelico. I beat the trilogy last summer but I never got past the first ending with Misha in the first game. Also I’m quite interested in replaying the trilogy to really see how the three games connect. Sure, the series has its issues, but it’s unique and fun and I just love its universe.

Next there’s Tokyo Xanadu. I want to replay it to see the character interactions I missed the first time due to not having enough time. Also, it couldn’t hurt to see if I actually learned all the vocab words I put into my flashcard deck due to that game. There was some tricky language in that game.

I also really would like to replay Sol Trigger. I know I misunderstood some things the first time I played. It’s not a terribly long game and I can choose a different girl this time around (though I didn’t really care for that part to be honest, too little development).

Finally, I probably won’t get to it in 2016, but I do want to replay Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki as well due to not understanding things the first time around. I’ve started another Suikoden replay run with Suikoden I in Japanese this time around. Unfortunately I know that game too well that I’m not even noticing the Japanese…oh well.


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