February 17, 2016

Exist Archive Thoughts Part 2

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I figured I save gushing over Atelier Escha&Logy because I basically really enjoyed it (I’m replaying it after beating it with Escha, now playing as Logy and zooming by hopefully before Project X Zone 2 and Fire Emblem Fates make it to my apartment) and talk a bit more about Exist Archive.

(By the way I was in Tainan when the earthquake hit the area just over a week ago. 2 overseas trips, 2 earthquakes nearby…I’m a bit worried about my travel luck now…)

Last time I posted on the game I was feeling pretty positive about it. Sure, I wasn’t getting new party members but I was gaining new field skills pretty steadily. Well, the fun is starting to slow and the grind is settling in. The drawback of getting field skills means getting through dungeons is taking a lot longer now. I guess I don’t necessarily have to fight any of the enemies except the boss of the quest (if there is one), but getting the levels is nice and I do have a bonus of my characters learning each other’s skills. This is quite helpful since the amount of SP you get is pretty small compared to the amount needed for all the skills. My main character Kanata has almost every party member’s battle style, though I haven’t been switching people’s character classes yet.

The biggest problem with fighting that I have now realized is just how few combinations of enemies there are for each dungeon. There may be 4 or 5 enemies that show up in maybe 5 different combinations.

I’m actually a bit sad there isn’t a higher rate of unlocking side conversations between characters. Every once in a while, after finishing a quest, a conversation between two characters is available. Sure, the collection of characters is the typical JRPG colorful bunch, but I think it’s nice to get more of the character besides their introduction scene and their “remnant crystal” scene(s). This could also help with the fact that you can go through like 3 required dungeons without any story conversations (you may just be collecting crystals).

I did finally get character #10 and the dungeon for recruiting #10 had a suggested level of 54+. The 9th character was in a dungeon with a minimum level of 14+, which was before I started unlocking the skills. I’m a bit worried that I’ll be like level 80+ before I even see #11…

To be honest, I’m still playing this game because I do like trying to optimize how I defeat the enemies when I battle and playing with different party combinations and different attack skills. I’ve mostly given up on the story ever drawing me in due to how sparse it is now. I’m not sure how far I’m in the game, but I’ve put in 25+ hours and I really hope the main adventure is not much over 40, though I’ll probably still try to finish the main plot before Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna arrives at my apt (with import times it’ll probably be early March at the earliest).


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