March 22, 2016

Convention Time Again

Posted in life tagged , at 8:50 pm by riulyn

This weekend I’m going to Sakura-con again and taking a moment to really enjoy the anime side of my life. Though convention time is never totally absent of gaming (I’m happy to see more and more cosplay shoots of games like there’s going to be a Suikoden one again!), I usually only touch a 3DS to get streetpasses and collect puzzle pieces during the 3 days. Anime is not totally separate from gaming; I don’t think it ever has been. I feel like recently there has been a lot more overlap.

Not only is there the huge popularity of anime-based games like the One Piece games, but there’s also games becoming anime that is getting streamed overseas. Some companies like Atlus has started to make all of their Persona stuff more popular with anime, but this year I feel like seeing stuff like Samurai Warriors, Gods Eater, and Phantasy Star get adapted was pretty interesting (I didn’t end up watching much of any, though), and now there will finally be a Phoenix Wright anime adaptation (after all the other adaptations). A dream come true for me would be a Suikoden anime, but that’ll probably never happen…

Anyway, now that I have fallen into the Gust trap, I’ll be on the lookout for Ar tonelico and Atelier things that I recognize. I’d also love to find anything Ys-related. We’ll see if I can get lucky or not…