July 31, 2016

Just some quick final thoughts on Sora no kiseki SC/Trails in the Sky SC

Posted in video games tagged , at 2:43 pm by riulyn

  • Game is overall longer than the first one, with a lot more sidequests and fun diversions (fishing)
  • Balance between dialogue bits, walking around bits, and fighting bits is not so great. Story is much more character-focused than the first game, allowing them to really be shown off. Definitely recommended to play the second game if you enjoyed the first game and the characters. Don’t think it’s worth playing if you didn’t like the first game, or you may just want to scroll past all the dialogue…
  • I’m not sure what a CERO C is versus a CERO B and I’m too lazy to look that up right now, but the second game does have a darker tone than the first, though the lack of characters actually dying and stuff is still a thing for this series
  • Really enjoyed the CGs in the Evolution versions. Also I believe the evolution versions are easier than the PSP and original versions, or the guide I used for some battle help was super exaggerating the difficulty of the final bosses
  • the 3rd is supposedly something that can be enjoyed without the first two games. So far I don’t see how you would give much care to the introduction without caring about these characters, as it drags on pretty long