December 18, 2016

2016 Wrap Up

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I don’t think I’m finishing any more games this year so I might as well summarize it.

Finishing only 24 games this year… Unfortunately this is my future. It was very skewed towards Fire Emblem, Atelier, and the Kiseki series. So I guess I don’t know how relevant my post will be for most people.

I might as well go over the Fire Emblem games first. The trio of fates games was entertaining enough but I just know they could have done more with that story. Also more with the home base stuff to expand on the characters. But I’d say it mostly satisfied my Fire Emblem itch. I also played and finished Shadow Dragon. I liked the idea of the save circle in the middle of the battlefield. I also played on the easiest difficulty and only a few things threw me off (besides recruiting, but I used a character guide to help with that). The story pretty much follows Marth so it’s very minimal on everyone else. Also it might have been the fact I played it in Japanese, but the romance just randomly happens in the back somewhere? Mystery Emblem, which I plan to tackle this upcoming year, will hopefully be better.

Atelier might be my winner for this year? I played Ayesha, Escha & Logy, Sophie, Totori, and Meruru this year. Somehow I didn’t get sick of Atelier. I was disappointed in Sophie’s characters and pacing, but was very happy with Meruru. Definitely the favorite I’ve played so far. I look forward to Shallie Plus, Firis, and hopefully also tackling Atelier Elie in the next year. I really want to replay the Arland trilogy but I think I’ll at least wait until the second half of next year.

Kiseki was the series I spent the most hours in, though. 80+ hours in SC, 60+ hours in the 3rd (and I didn’t even do all of the doors because I got tired of reading), 60+ hours in Zero. Just started Ao and probably 10 hours of FC happened this year too. I’m pretty happy with my progress in this series. I hope next year to catch up with Cold Steel. Not sure I’ll play Nayuta next year but I’m going to enjoy some alternative saga after finishing Ao. I have to say, SC was great but not great w/o FC first. The 3rd gets a bit grindy but I enjoyed it. Zero is a bit of a slow start but also more interesting than FC’s beginning. Ao started with a bang so I’m expecting a really great game to be honest. I don’t want to predict how I’ll feel about Cold Steel until after I finish Ao. If I read neogaf threads correctly, I might be polarized about Cold Steel, so that’ll be an interesting sensation.

To wrap up the rest (briefly), I played Zestiria and so I’ll be ready for Berseria’s release. I played my first Neptunia and I don’t feel the need to play more though it was amusing enough. PXZ2 was amusing. Exist Archive scratched a little of the VP itch but not enough. Star Ocean 5 was disappointing because it could have been way better. Odin Sphere remake was fun and hopefully more of this type of tale continues to come from Vanillaware. I enjoyed I am Setsuna but I will never buy a Unity game for Vita again. Nights of Azure…if only it had more story to it. Time Travelers was an amusing last game to finish this year. Characters themselves were not that deep but the overall plot and mechanic was pretty fun.

I think my favorite game I played this year was Trails in the Sky SC, but pretty much that game, Zero no kiseki, and Atelier Meruru would pretty much be all the games I’d highly recommend. My favorite characters of the year might be Sorey and Mikleo of Zestiria. I really liked the characters in that game, the plot…kind of meh. Meruru wins as my favorite Atelier protagonist so far. And I can’t pick a favorite Kiseki character because I know the characters keep showing up, but Olivier still wins for me right now. Kevin is pretty great too. I also have a soft spot for Tio.

Music for this year? I’m still very happy with my purchase of the I am Setsuna soundtrack. Otherwise I really didn’t buy much music this year. The Kiseki soundtracks are alright but I really prefer the Ys ones over them. They do have some great battle themes. Thankfully they are digitally available in the U.S. so I will pick them up for not too expensive prices at some point. FE Fates has some decent tracks but I don’t care enough to buy the ridiculous 8 CD or whatever version. I don’t have particular attachment to Atelier music and the ones I played this year didn’t change my mind. Maybe I’m just not so into gaming music now? Who knows? I’ll see if Nier Automata changes my mind next year.

Anyway, this is the end of my rambly 2016 wrap-up post. I’m looking forward to some early titles in 2017 and also remembering I own some western RPGs that I should play…


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