March 20, 2017

Off to Germany soon!

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I’m about to head to Germany for approximately a week of vacation. The trip is not long enough, but I’m still going to try my best to enjoy as much as I can. When I get back, there will be Blue Reflection and Persona 5 to enjoy. I’m still confused as to why the PS4 version of Blue Reflection was only like $55 US on, but I picked up that version because it was barely more expensive than the Vita version and it looks much better. I’ll just have to be glued to the PS4 for a long while…

Anyway, because of the upcoming trip, I was kind of curious about the German video gaming scene. Of course I am too lazy to look very deeply, but in general/surface impressions it appears that Germany heavily censors their games so many German gamers end up playing their games in English due to importing. Secondly, the preferred way to incorporate more German learning via gaming is to use the German language option in games like Dragon Age or Skyrim. I was playing Last Remnant in Spanish…maybe I should switch it to German? Though I need work on all the languages basically… Lastly for some reason when I think of Germans and gaming I think of the one guy in the video about Nier Automata’s reveal at E3 that went ballistic in joy. So at least some German gamers have good taste!

But yeah, in the end I don’t think I’m going to pick up any video games in Germany. I’m contemplating which games to bring with me. I might just bring Fire Emblem: New Mystery Emblem (or whatever it is called), which I think I’m about halfway though. I have Vita games but…hmm maybe I should put on Operation Abyss and finally finish it. I’m getting towards the end of Ao no kiseki but I try to only deal with optional quests if I play it outside of my apartment. I definitely have plans to finish that game in April and finally get to Alternative Saga and Cold Steel 1. I might actually catch up on the Kiseki series this year! I was even playing Nayuta earlier this year, so that might even count in my tally.

There is plenty of stuff for me to catch up on when I get back, but I don’t have anything preordered for the summer? I’m feeling a bit weird about this. Let me know if I forgot anything important or else I’ll maybe finally start catching up (slowly, very slowly) on the Western RPG scene…


March 12, 2017

Quick Review of NieR Automata

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It’s GREAT! (I took Wednesday off to get good progress in the game, and spent all weekend playing it too. Totally worth the late night at work on Friday to get that head start.)

If you played the first NieR and enjoyed the lore, then you’ll (very likely) love the sequel you never thought you’d get. I didn’t expect as many tie-ins to the first game (since I tried not to read too much on NieR Automata before playing it) as I saw. If only the first game’s battle system could have been as functional, let alone as fun, as this game’s…

If you have any desire to play the first game, don’t play NieR Automata until you play it. There are even parts of the main plot that spoil the first game, though a lot more of the spoilers are in the archive items. One of the biggest emotional moments of the first game is ruined if you know the surprise before it happens.

The story/plot progression is similar to how the first game is set up. Don’t you dare stop at Ending A! Also, you don’t have to collect all the weapons to get the main endings. Or any of the endings (I think?), based on a quick look at a wikia. I started the game thinking that way, thought “wow this will suck there are a lot of weapons in this game” and then I checked a wikia. Thank goodness…

Also, did you enjoy quests that start off one way but end up another way? There’s quite a few of these here too. And, in NieR fashion, the typical silly ones and typical depressing ones.

Finally, the environments are way better designed but the music is not quite as touching as the first game’s. But still great. Better than that for Drakengard 3. I plan to get the soundtrack which should be releasing soon.