July 4, 2017

Ar nosurge Quick Review

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Here’s a quick review, with a few things to consider.

  1. I played Ciel nosurge prior to this game.
  2. I also played all the Ar tonelico games prior to this game.
  3. I love things that are weird.

Quick sum: Game is okay; hard to say it’d appeal to those outside of the Ar tonelico core fanbase. Maybe if you are someone who likes sci-fi visual novels with cute girls and doesn’t mind (or enjoys) pandering. Battle system seemed interesting at first but gets old quickly. Way more back and forth traveling that feels tedious. The story is a great follow up to Ciel nosurge. Knowing Ciel nosurge’s events in more detail is not necessary for the plot generally but really great for understanding why the characters do what they do. The universe of the story is great. The music is still great. I still prefer Ar tonelico 1 & 2 way more than this though and would recommend those games over this one.

*Play Ciel nosurge first!!!!!*

Based on my experience, I’d probably not recommend the game to those who aren’t already fans of Tsuchiya’s work except maybe if they are into a more visual novel-like game. It’s not the hybrid visual novel/life simulator that is Ciel nosurge but more like a visual novel/RPG; the story scenes are a lot and not much battling happens. As for the story part of gameplay, it felt way more trekking back and forth than the Ar tonelico games, which are kind of bad about that already. The set up for the plot and how you proceed on the two paths and how it connects to the universe is pretty cool in my opinion. Just wished the game flowed better.

Synthesis is pretty much necessary for battles on Normal because stat growth is not nearly as good as stat bonuses from equipment. I was pretty much gaining at least 1 level per battle (I usually completed 1 battle per dungeon area). Though I ended the game at level 75-ish partially due to some trekking to and from purification sites to view optional conversations.

Genometrics is super weird compared to Cosmospheres, and Cosmospheres are already weird. I found the first few adventures kind of amusing but my interest wavered quickly and I did not complete many. I also got stuck on some in Ion’s side. Unlocking song magic is really not necessary for the game. Getting good equipment is pretty much what you need to do if you are having trouble, not song magic, though increasing the singer’s song magic level is helpful as she will help out more with dealing damage in battle outside of unleashing the accumulated burst. It’s a Gust game; you must synthesize items!

The main players are all distinct with understandable motivations, though Ciel nosurge knowledge helps a lot here. I liked all of them, but I also came to like them in Ciel nosurge first. I have to say I really enjoyed Cass and Delta’s relationship in Ar nosurge. I enjoyed the chats between the characters and most of the wacky synthesis conversations along with the wacky subplots that you can deepen for each synthesis helper. While I overall like Ion, she still annoys me as much as she did in Ciel nosurge. For me, Cass was the better girl. I enjoyed Sarly more in this game; she is quite important.

But seriously, I recommend anyone who plans to play this game to check out Ciel nosurge in English on Youtube to get the plot of Ciel nosurge prior to Ar nosurge. If you finish that set of videos (or play Ciel nosurge to the end), it will make you motivated to see Ar nosurge through to the end.


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