July 4, 2017

What I’m playing – #JRPGJULY

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I’m in the mood to blab on about the games I’m playing, so I’m going to probably start this off pretty regularly. We’ll see if I’m still doing this regularly in a few months.

July is here and so is #jrpgjuly. This is when I can actually join many others in the gaming world instead of being in my corner of ~almost always playing JRPGs because I fail at playing other stuff~. Yay for actually being part of something? So what am I playing?

Not Ar nosurge anymore, since I just finished that. But I still have plenty of JRPGs for July.

I just picked up Tales of Berseria on Steam after forgetting to preorder it for January. I was busy in January so it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to not jump on Berseria then. Since I already played Vita version Tokyo Xanadu 2 years ago (holy cow), my summer is pretty empty and so it’s time to catch up on winter releases. So far I’m loving Velvet. Still getting my feet wet with the other stuff. I enjoyed Milla, another main Tales female character. Generally Tales is decent when it comes to both male and female characters; recent Tales females have been pretty awesome, but there was the trainwreck collection in Tales of Innocence, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much.

I also started up Final Fantasy bro trip (FFXV). I watched my brother play some last fall, so nothing has surprised me. Prompto is my favorite of the gang so far. The bros are pretty fun as a group. It’s pretty easy to get sidetracked with quests and hunts, though. Maybe later in the game, when I start seeing scenes I haven’t seen before, I’ll be more focused on the main story. I’m mostly enjoying the banter; the main plot is whatever at the moment for me.

Those two might be the shiny things I’m playing, but I also started up Tales of Destiny 2 on PSP, the direct sequel to Tales of Destiny and not Tales of Eternia renamed Tales of Destiny II in the U.S. I realized I played Tales of Destiny probably around 2000, so not remembering much beyond Lens being an energy source and Rutee and Stahn being a thing is pretty reasonable. Still, it felt weird like I should have remembered more. Kyle is so “I want to be a hero like my dad”; he is so straightforward, rushing ahead (at least right now) that I feel like it doesn’t even matter what happened in the previous game since he doesn’t really think about that at all. Maybe it’ll matter later. The battle system of this game feels weird. There’s a stamina bar for attacking so you can’t just mash attack forever. There is also a TP bar which seems to just recover over time? I’m not sure; so far I don’t seem to be running out of TP that quickly though the AI characters will sometimes manage to put an actual dent into it. Battling feels faster than what I remembered from the original Tales of Destiny on PS1. Not as fun as Narikiri Dungeon X though. I’m going to be using ToD2 for Japanese practice; ToB is way more interesting story and character-wise right now.

Finally, I picked up Mana Khemia for PSP (I know, the inferior version) for $3 on sale at PSN (it’s on sale until July 11) so I plan to start that. I’m really catching up on my localized Gust games. I have Mana Khemia 2 waiting afterwards. I’ve heard so much good about the Mana Khemia games so I’m definitely ready for this!


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