July 21, 2017

FFXV quick review

Posted in video games tagged , at 6:38 pm by riulyn

Feeling too lazy to write a thorough review of a game that has been reviewed by many others. Nevertheless in a few years I might be interested in what I wrote about this game right after beating it. I beat it on Wednesday, so this is pretty close (for me).

In brief: Played for the banter. Battles are fun. Needs more Yoko Shimomura. Needs more actual plot. Enjoyed the game but wondering if it really needed all that spectacle…

My favorite parts were the characters and their banter. This is the first Final Fantasy that I actually did a good number of quests in (I got the over 40 quests achievement) and there’s a good amount of banter for each; a bit while accepting, a bit right after accepting, a bit while doing, a bit right after (sometimes). So maybe doing the quests helped me like the characters more. But even without that, I feel like there was almost a laser focus on the four bros that they feel super real together. They are about as fleshed out as the more recent Tales of series characters. Unfortunately it pretty much means everyone else suffers from not enough screen-time character development. I guess I should watch that movie, except I don’t really care.

I think the biggest weaknesses were 1) the plot being so unevenly paced and ultimately too short. It really suffers from the ending spiraling down so quickly with limited scenes for most of everything 2) an open world that actually also feels small? Like there are multiple countries in this world, right? Oh, I keep driving between like 5 places, and only one is an actual city? Why do I even care about this country.

The battle system was fun enough, though I didn’t really do a ton of customization. Eventually I just had a core set and spammed the same moves. Wished I could set more than 1 trigger command for each of my bros. Also magic…3 use item that needs to be equipped? Annoying.

There is great music, but it takes a while to reveal it. Instead I remember mostly hearing atmospheric, oh an enemy is close by, be cautious, music. But I rather hear more of Yoko Shimomura’s composing. I loved her music for the ending stuff. The song with the credits is not hers, but also very appropriate for what happens in the game. Unfortunately I only got to the “wow I actually care” part right before the game ends. Well, it would have been right before if I didn’t need to grind some levels… And then the final bosses were like easier than the random monsters of the final area…

Alright, this didn’t end up being that short, but whatever. Liked the game well enough. Would have been fine waiting even longer, but gotta take advantage of games your brother buys and doesn’t have time to play, right? After playing and beating Tales of Berseria right before this game, I have to wonder how many people were actually waiting for this (as the final product, not the hype)? Personally I’m glad I was pretty “whatever” towards the game and just played it because I knew it had a good-sized fandom. I think if I had more expectations, I would have been disappointed. It’s really the best way for me to approach Final Fantasy games. I don’t want to be that downer on FFXII since people are enjoying it again, but if I think of it as something that entertained me enough, it passes my test. If I think of it as something that is a standout and matched people’s hype…well, not as sure about that… FFXV, I feel, is pretty much this. Except I enjoyed FFXV more. Liking characters can really do it for me…



  1. n1n4an said,

    I agree with the ‘open world’ being underwhelming, for a decade in development, it should have been about 3x bigger, and the plot was essentially a rehash of the overused ‘evil empire fighting over the crystals’ trope – er, ‘plot’ – which about a 1/3 of the numbered games already had (a slight twist by having a modern day/slightly futuristic setting, but pretty similar otherwise), but I really enjoyed the in-car music with the Regalia – I made the effort to buy EVERY in-game ‘soundtrack’. I felt the main story was too short as well – 30hrs-ish for me – should have been 40-50 hours, had more towns, and more substantial plot, FFXV almost felt like the first part of a two-part story or a trilogy rather than a complete story in itself. I think FFXV is more of a ‘First-timers FF’ than one for the fans – the ‘fans’ were pretty pissed off by all that FF13 crap. I enjoyed it, but, hopefully we won’t to wait another 10 years for the FFVII remake.

    • riulyn said,

      It was definitely awesome being able to buy all the old games soundtracks and play them in the car. Though I didn’t buy many myself.

      I actually feel like the game is more like part 2 of a 3-parter (with the Kingsglaive movie maybe part 1?). They didn’t do a good enough job for me to buy into the verse, but there is a decent amount of lore/even plot points I felt like I only picked up or noted because I read those loading screens while fast-traveling and such. Not like I got confused about stuff. But like Cor is supposed to be a badass and why does he just join me so briefly and then ditch and then basically is not in the plot anymore? Oh well.

      Let’s hope the FFVII remake doesn’t take forever. The game certainly can be improved by a remake, but it’d probably be best if that game comes out soon, and before FFXVI…

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