October 9, 2017

What I’ve been playing – or rather, beating

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I’m doing a good job being focused? Because since the last update I finished Stella Glow and Ys 8 and I’m almost done with Tales of Destiny 2.

Ys 8 is my new favorite Ys game. Really, the only issue was I wished the boss fights were more interesting. I think they were the easiest they have been in an Ys game. And it’s not because of the party system, as I remember some good ones in Ys Seven and Ys Celceta. The music on the game grew on me, but the first two games + Origins are still my favorites overall. The game has one of my favorite Ys stories, favorite Ys casts, and so many things to do outside. Short answer – play this game!

Stella Glow I’ve talked about before, but I think the battle system was my favorite part. Most characters were fun to use except in the end I really gravitated towards Lisette, Popo, Rusty in battle. But I chose Sakuya as my girl 😀 I also finished Popo’s but Popo is just too young… Also did not know the true ending trigger conditions until I already triggered them… While fun, I don’t see myself replaying this game anytime soon as I didn’t really care that much for any of the characters or the main plot.

Tales of Destiny 2 has gotten better, but I still want to throttle Kyle so much. It actually makes me want to replay Tales of Destiny instead. I pretty much play as Kyle to prevent my spellcasters from being hit, and pretty much everyone else in my battle party casts spells. Other stuff is just not nearly as strong. I just hate how biased it is. Also I cannot read maps in this game and constantly get stuck on stupid borders not shown on the map. I think 1/3 of my play time is just being stuck and lost on maps… Well, I’ll finish it since I’m close and then goodbye forever…?

I decided sometime last month to pick up Persona 4 golden and actually go for the true ending (I never went past December…). Gotten to October and I think next time I replay a Persona game, I might actually lower the difficulty so I can just social link and story? Also holy crap Yosuke makes me cringe all the time. I actually dread re-experiencing those special events because of him. I don’t know why he was more tolerable the first time around. He isn’t a bad character; actually he’s pretty realistic for his age and certainly can imagine it, but I guess I cannot deal with teenage boys when they aren’t just “let’s be friends and save the world”. Speaking of which, when does Tokyo Xanadu eX+ come out in NA anyway…

Speaking of Falcom games, I started up Trails of Cold Steel. Machias made me go nope and plus I was still distracted by Ys 8 to really get far. Not sure what I think of Rean; he didn’t do anything to make himself memorable yet. I’m planning to restart (I only got like 1 hour in) once I finish ToD2 and really put some effort. Also I want to go back to Mana Khemia 2. And my replay of Baten Kaitos. Some day…


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