May 12, 2018

More Sen no Kiseki III thoughts

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I just started Chapter 4. I’m like 90 hours in. There is a lot of text, and I have talked to a lot more people than I did in the previous Kiseki games. I wonder if localization is held up a bit because of the amount of text.

Since I’m going to talk about the new characters now, the rest is read more. SPOILERS though no major plot ones for beyond like Chapter 1, I think.

I like Rean as a teacher. His character is slowly improving. I liked in Sen 2 where he got called out for more of his stupid behavior compared to in Sen 1 where he was magical problem solver for no real good reason. In Sen 3 it looks like he matured and his busybody-ness actually has somewhere to go without being too patronizing, though it is still patronizing a bit.

The new class is a good class. It starts off small but it’s obvious from the prologue that it’ll get bigger. All the students are more interesting, though, than the previous games. I like talking to all of them. But of course the new Class VII has the best ones.

Altina’s schtick and predicted character arc is, well, predictable. Still, she provides the deadpan needed for a Falcom game. She’s also cute, not gonna lie.

Yuuna is probably the most relate-able? She’s the most normal of this ridiculous class. She’s also open about her feelings for the most part, though maybe not in the most direct way. Sure she says things that are wrong (naivete and all that being a good reason), but she owns up quickly and resolves things quickly. She’s what most people would have liked Alisa to be, in my opinion.

Kurt is wonderful. He is what I wish Rean could have been in many ways 1) considerate without barging too much into other people’s business 2) not so unwilling to share about himself even if he rather not 3) admiring and wanting and working hard to get stronger. I love Kurt Vander so, so much.

Ash (sp?) is great. He’s a brat, a punk, whatever word works best. I like him because he’s not going to just take in rules just because they are rules. He doesn’t just give people respect; he makes them give him a reason. He makes the other characters more interesting in their interactions, so that helps me like him too. Also I like that he’s vulgar; it’s not like “good” people are “prim and proper”, seriously.

Muze (sp?) is probably supposed to evoke conflicting feelings, and I basically have that about her. It takes way too long for anyone with any observation skills to call her out on her actions. I do enjoy how good she is at evading questions she doesn’t want to answer. I think some of my problem with her is more of how the story takes too long to really do anything with her, and I feel like it’s kind of regarding her privilege (if I say more, spoilers) and that annoys me.

Aurelia isn’t a new character, but she’s so fun as the principal of the Thors 2nd branch. Since we don’t really hear her speak much in Sen 1 & 2, I wasn’t sure what to think of her. But she’s way more amusing than Principal Vandyck of the first 2 games. She’s just out there and proud of it. And yes, even though I meant more about how she is who she is and speaks her mind, I also hope she’s a lesbian so I could date her, though she’d probably just squash me for my lack of ambition lol.

I don’t really like Michael Irving, but that’s because I don’t like stubborn stuck to the rules military men. He gets better as you learn a bit more about him later, but still hardheaded and worse than Neithardt (who I still don’t like too much).

Returning characters Towa Herschel and Randy Orlando are great. Randy is a bit toned down, but that’s because he can’t really get up to shenanigans due to the situation he’s in. Towa is still adorable and a workaholic, but she’s not a busybody which is why she is easier to stomach than Rean is. But then again, Rean is still the stand-in for the player so of course he is a busybody, because Falcom expects fans for this series are (and it’s true for the most part, yep totally me in Kiseki games).

Anyway, if it’s not too obvious from the promotional materials and the prologue of the game, the old class VII shows up. They are all still fine; they just look way more gorgeous now. Alisa’s skirt is stupid (give her some shorts if it’s going to be that short and tight instead of awkwardly placed slits), long coats are still the best, and Machias has a new hairstyle! Jusis is definitely the most gorgeous male and Aurelia looks so good, most beautiful of them all so far.


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