June 3, 2018

What I’m playing now – Guided Fate Paradox, Persona Q, Valkyria Chronicles 3

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I’m taking a Kiseki break. I’m not sure how short it will be, because I’m tempted to start Sen no Kiseki Kai (Trails of Cold Steel on PS4). There’s almost a calming, easy rhythm to the Cold Steel games, especially if I stick to the easier difficulties (aka Normal). Maybe I should force myself to play it on hard, since I’ll be importing Sen3 data when I do start.

Anyway, for now it is time to knock some stuff off my backlog. Though I didn’t acquire Persona Q until this year, it was mentally on my backlog. I will talk about that the most, since I don’t have a ton to say on Guided Fate Paradox besides I restarted it from the beginning and it’s been smooth sailing into Chapter 3. I definitely learned from my experience playing ZHP. I know Chapter 4 is a bit of a difficulty spike, but I definitely have a strategy to get past it (the grindy way if it comes to that). The story is still as wacky fun as I remembered.

Persona Q is not quite what I hoped it to be.

I guess I had only seen the highlights, because I didn’t expect the skits/scenes to often have the characters act annoying with each other. I guess the humor is not my style? But sometimes it’s perfectly fine. Only occasionally do I find the dialogue actually fun and enjoyable. It’s just weird because it’s not like the characters are different personality-wise from the original games; maybe the dialogues feel like they have more substance so I gloss over the things I don’t like?

The gameplay is what I expected. I’m not in love with Etrian Odyssey-style dungeon exploring but it is good at what it does. Compared to Etrian Odyssey 1 Untold (the only EO game I’ve played), the dungeon design for the two labyrinths has been decent. I think the game on normal is easier than EO and I believe that was intentional. The EO mechanics though make progress through the labyrinths slow and while battles aren’t hard, there’s more punishment to your ability to progress if you muck around in a random battle too much. So in that sense I find it “harder” on normal than the original games.

The game doesn’t really encourage you to switch your party up once you find a setup you like. It does an okay job with personas, but strangely I find physical attack is the best because you can have elemental-based physical attacks and also physical attacks that cause debuffs or status effects. Also it’s easy to heal up HP but hard to keep up SP. That unbalance means I have a party of 4 attackers and 1 mage/healer.

Anyway I am continuing with the game – it works well for being on the bus or eating lunch – but I don’t think I’m going to buy another Persona crossover in this style.

Finally, Valkyria Chronicles 3. I’ve picked this up and started on Easy because I want to breeze through it. The opening trailer for this game spoils major events in Valkyria Chronicles 1 (which it takes place concurrently with). I know I won’t need VC3 knowledge necessary to play VC4, but I want to have the VC3 knowledge. So far the language used in game has only been confusing at a few points in the first chapter; dialogue between characters is quite simple. I guess coming from Sen3, everything doesn’t seem so bad? In terms of gameplay, there is a higher balance of battles to storyline compared to VC1. More like VC2 in terms of gameplay balance and unit types, which is a good thing, and more like VC1 in tone of story. Kurt so far is a decent protagonist. He hasn’t pulled me in like Welkin and his dorkiness did right away; instead he has a rather practical and levelheaded approach (though not apathetic – he can definitely get angry!) and sometimes comes off as too logical and not quite getting the emotional people. This is based off of only getting to Chapter 2, so we’ll see if my assessment changes drastically as I get further in.


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