December 29, 2017

2018 – What will I be playing (from my backlog)?

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I realize I’m pretty terrible at predicting what new games I’m going to play the next year unless they all have announcements well in advance. As for new games in 2018, I think my list so far is Valkyria Chronicles 4 and maybe some indies?

But I definitely have a better idea what I’ll be working on from my backlog.

  1. 2017 holdovers. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will probably take me a few days into next year. I didn’t make it to the .hack collection so that will also happen next year. I have my eye possibly on Horizon: Zero Dawn the complete version. Though I guess technically I don’t own it yet…
  2. Sequels/Prequels. I only got to Chapter 3 of Cold Steel 1 so I have that and Cold Steel 2 on my list next year. I guess I got a bit tired of the Trails formula after Ao? Also maybe I just want to replay Ao? Who knows. Also, I was supposed to replay Baten Kaitos this year. That needs to happen and then I can get to Baten Kaitos Origins, which I have never played. I’ve forgotten most of the original game’s plot so I need to do that. I finished Persona 4 Golden with the true ending, so I’m ready for Persona 4 Arena. And then there is Mass Effect 2. I really suck at it…
  3. Japanese games. I still have a bunch of Japanese PSP games to play, but I also want to finally play through the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia. I don’t have any other Tales games lined up for next year; are they going to announce something? I also have tactical games Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Growlanser. And Atelier Elie on PS1 to at least have one Atelier game for next year (still on the fence about Atelier Firis and Atelier Lydie & Suelle). I guess I tore through those other Atelier games too quickly…

2018’s goal is to beat 18+ games. I know I keep lowering this goal recently, but times are getting busier and I want to replay some games. Let me know if there are major 2018 releases you are waiting for or major backlog items you plan to take care of in 2018.


January 5, 2014

2014 Goals

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My 2014 goals are few but pretty major.

  1. Graduate
  2. Get a job
  3. Beat more games than I buy
  4. Make some more sheet music
  5. Not allow my apartment to get as messy as it did last year

The world runs on money, so replacing my grad school income with something else is the major thing for the year. It’s good and bad to be graduating; there’s the potential for earning more money or doing something more interesting, but I also have to take more responsibility and there may also be a significant time between grad school and the next career thing. I’ve already ranted on this before, so I’ll stop here.

My game-buying plans are pretty modest at the moment. I plan to just preorder Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Trails in the Sky 2, Tales of Xillia 2, and “X” (if that releases, but not getting a Wii U yet) this year if I don’t get a job this year. I don’t think Persona 5 will come out this year? I also have Sorcery Saga to order once I return to Seattle. Once I get a job I hope to return to buying 1-3 games/month. I have a pretty long list of games I’d still like to pick up. And one day I hope to buy games other than RPGs more regularly.

Because I plan to be somewhat light on the game buying side, I hope to make a decent dent in my backlog. I’ve just beaten Dragon Quest IX, reducing my backlog to 72 games at the moment (at least according to my Backloggery). There’s no way I’ll beat 72 games this year, but something around 20 should be doable. Oh wait, my brother just gifted me two more games for my laptop. It’s tough keeping track of digitally-purchased games… That reminds me that a good chunk of my backlog is Steam games…

I hope to replay a few games this year as well. Last year I did an okay job covering the Suikoden main series, just running out of steam after Suikoden IV so I didn’t end up playing Tactics. This year I hope to replay the Xenosaga trilogy and Xenogears. Also, I plan to replay some games while I participate in the RPGamer marathon (or whatever it is called). I don’t plan to buy any games in order to play along except maybe Legend of Dragoon off of PSN, but I will be replaying Chrono Cross this month, the Last Story in April (via New Game+), and The World Ends With You in December (also New Game+). I hope my Japanese is good enough for NieR Replicant (instead of NieR Gestallt which is what came over to the U.S.) in November. I’m currently doing okay with Tales of Innocence R, so combined with familiarity with NieR Replicant’s overall plot it should be fine.

In terms of backlogged games that I want to beat this year, the RPGamer challenge actually covers some games I really need to play like Radiant Historia, Radiata Stories, and Resonance of Fate (which all start with “R” haha). I also need to finally conquer Valkyria Chronicles (and possibly get to the sequel). Crap, I just realized I didn’t look for Valkyria Chronicles 3 in Japan…oh well. Anyway, I would also like to get through the Atelier Iris trilogy and maybe the Ar tonelico games. There’s enough similarity between the battle systems in those games for me to not want to be playing an Atelier and an Ar tonelico game at the same time. If I have extra money at some point this year I think I’d like to get some of the Atelier games for PS3. Just have to do that research when that time comes.

If I’m feeling tactical, I really should finish Disgaea and decide whether I get the others for portables at some point. I still have Tactics Ogre which is lost in my now sizeable PSP backlog and Growlanser 2 & 3 remakes on PS2. I personally don’t see myself making too much of a dent in my tactics game backlog, though.

As for non-RPGs, I should be starting up 999 soon. Otherwise, I’m more likely to pop in one of those visual novel romance games I got in Japan than the two Zelda games that I have or get to my non-RPG games on Steam. If I get a job then I’ll be highly tempted to buy the Ace Attorney games and marathon them. Otherwise this year will be light on the non-RPGs as well.

Anyway, I’m hoping that 2014 is a good year for all of us, both in gaming and in general 😀

November 20, 2013

A closer look at my backlog

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This past weekend, I beat another 2 games, bringing my conquered list for this year to 25 games! This has to be a personal record, and it doesn’t even count complete replays of Suikoden 1-4, Tales of the Abyss, and Persona 3 Portable.

Not all those games were long (Ys I & II were both relatively short) but not all those games were short either (Xenoblade, Project X Zone, Wild ARMs 3, etc.). I don’t want to do the math of how many hours I’ve spent gaming this year alone; it’s over 1000 hours I’m sure. Every time I feel like I’m going overboard with spending money on games, I realize that I actually do a good job at getting to them. Every time I think I might just get super tired of gaming and need to take a 3 month break, I do something like a 10 hour marathon of Persona 4 Golden.

Anyway, I’ve done a pretty good job with beating the games I bought this year that were released this year. Games I bought this year that were released this year (release date order, not necessarily purchase order, and totally not counting Steam games) were as follows:

  • Ni No Kuni – not played yet
  • Fire Emblem Awakening – beaten
  • Pandora’s Tower – not played yet
  • Muramasa Rebirth – beaten
  • Project X-Zone – beaten
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV – beaten
  • Tales of Xillia – beaten
  • Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi – beaten

6/8 isn’t too bad for me. Obviously I skipped out on some notable JRPG releases for this year like Etrian Odyssey 4 & Millenium Girl, Soul Hackers, Atelier Ayesha, Disgaea D2, Soul Sacrifice, Rune Factory 4, Pokemon X/Y, but I did a decent job covering notable JRPG releases. Some of it for good reason (way behind on Atelier and Disgaea) and some because I decided to buy more PS2 games instead.

I was curious how the 10 games for this year (Ys IV and Curry RPG yet to arrive) would stack up to the previous 10 years. Looking at my Japanese game backlog, this is how it shook out. (Games are sorted by release date of the version I own, so if I bought a remake the release date is the remake’s release date.)

  • 16 games – 2006 (Suikoden 1 & 2 collection is original Japan date but I bought a discounted rerelease)
  • 10 games – 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010 (Shining Hearts for 2010 is Japan date but I bought a discounted rerelease)
  • 9 games – 2005
  • 6 games – 2011
  • 5 games – 2007, 2009, 2012 (Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki for 2012 is Japan date but I bought a discounted rerelease)

So 2013 is actually a good year for game collecting for me, but 2006 was amazing. I don’t know why so much stuff came out in 2006, but I have Atelier Iris 2, FFXII, Grandia 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Suikoden 5, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, Valkyrie Profile 2, Wild ARMs 4, and Xenosaga 3 (13 total) from the PS2 alone. I could add so much more to my 2006 game list too; there are probably a bunch of PSP and DS games that I’m missing.

Right now my 2014 list is 4 potential games – Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Trails in the Sky 2, Tales of Xillia 2. I’m trying to cut back on game buying (unless I get a job!) but those 4 games are planned releases for the beginning/middle of the year. It’ll be interesting to see just how big next year is for JRPGs, especially for me as I plan to skip out on the PS4, XboxOne, and WiiU for as long as possible. Even if it’d break my wallet, I’d probably be overwhelmed with joy if I saw a lineup like that 2006 lineup ever again. Just looking at it makes me quite nostalgic…

November 4, 2013

I’m alive

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Failed to get my draft done by the beginning of November, so I won’t be graduating this fall. That’s okay, as I have some breathing room now. I just have to fight the temptation to play all the games.

While I’ve been gone, I managed to finally finish off SMT IV and indulged in some non-RPGs – an otome game called Hakuoki (the 3DS port) and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for DS. I bought the first Ace Attorney game for my birthday along with 999, which I hope to save for later. As expected, I was quite into Hakuoki despite vampires and stuff. I guess I’ll be getting Sweet Fuse sooner rather than later, and maybe having to import some Otomes in the future? Of course, I always feel like I understand what is going on in the Japanese when I have the English below. Plus, once I push through Suikoden Tsumu (too lazy to write out the rest) I’m sure most other games will be easier than that.

Not much else to say. It’s nearing the end of the year and I didn’t pick up anything substantial in October. Ys IV still doesn’t have a release date and I should spend the rest of my gaming money in Japan anyway. I have a few things to look forward to next year – Drakengard 3, Trails in the Sky 2, Bravely Default, Tales of Xillia 2, possibly X. I’ve done a decent job at keeping up with the games that I’ve bought that were released this year – only have Ni No Kuni and Pandora’s Tower left to conquer – but the backlog grew because of my desire to buy new and old. Next year will probably be a backlog-shrinking year though it’s too early to know if there are a billion releases waiting for me to buy them. While certain games get announced way too early, other ones just show up in the middle of nowhere. That’s the fun of the gaming industry when all types of players are involved.

Either way, I’ll let all those other people buy those PS4s, XboxOnes, and WiiUs this fall/winter. What are you all buying or preventing yourself from buying or in general up to?

September 2, 2012

Post-PAX and my backlog

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PAX sure was fun! I went to the Pink Party the day before I had access to PAX and found someone to meet up with at PAX, which was cool. Even though we only spent a few hours together which was in Nintendoland, it was cool. Before that I wandered around, looked for things that didn’t have a line and weren’t PC games/using a keyboard to play them, because I am a coward like that. No, seriously, I didn’t want to spend my demo time being confused on which keys to hit the entire time.

There wasn’t too much console RPG fare that wasn’t a shooter-type or a MMORPG, but I did try out Persona 4 Golden, Ragnorak Odyssey, and Dragon Fantasy. If there was something I obviously missed, well I guess it was too bad. The best part of PAX for me was trying games in genres I rarely play because I am hesitant to spend money on a game I don’t see myself putting 20+ hours into. Even if gameplay mechanics are a bummer I will play through most RPGs if I like the characters and/or story. I’ve already said multiple times on this blog that I play games for the story and characters, and to find hidden info. I mean, that’s why a videogame can be more fun than books; books focus on telling the main story and don’t have the room in the narrative to go off on so many tangents into the world or specific characters. The people who love JRPGs are most likely the people who want to do the sidequests and talk to all the NPCs and search for character-specific items, maybe because they love collecting things or maybe because they just want to know everything about the characters they have fallen in love with.

Anyway, it’s hard to tell from a demo whether or not you’ll instantly buy a game. It’s more for telling whether or not you’d hate a game. None of the games I tried, besides some weird rhythm game involving ships, were games I’d never play again. And even that game wasn’t bad, it’s just rhythm games aren’t really my thing, even less than shooters. I had heard that Persona 4 Golden was on the Vita because they wanted to allow you to move around freely and stuff, but in the short period of time I got to play the game, I had no chance to move. JRPGs and their cutscenes are against me, I suppose 🙂 For Ragnorak Odyssey I did a quest just to try out battling, which seems relatively standard action RPG fare (I did not do too great at it, just so you know). When I visited Dragon Fantasy, I was able to talk to the guy at the booth while playing a bit of it. There wasn’t much to the demo; only had 2 spells, one party member, and turn-based battle system like Chrono Trigger. Supposedly in multiplayer you can play together and each person issues a command for the individual they play in the party. Could be interesting if I had friends…

Played a little bit of Kirby and got a Kirby massage ball. Also tried Pokemon Conquest. I’m sure it is fun, but I have a decent-sized tactics backlog – Jeanne D’arc, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Growlanser Generations, and I haven’t quite finished off Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. Also I plan to do a Suikoden replay session starting late this year/early next year so Suikoden Tactics is on the list for being replayed in the near future.

I think the biggest thing I took away from PAX is that the Vita, 3DS, and Wii U are all good systems but they need new RPGs for me to play. Persona 4 Golden is not selling me the Vita and Kingdom Hearts is not selling me the 3DS. The Wii U looks like a great party system but an overly complicated (I failed so hard at Zombie U) single-player system. Consoles are too expensive to buy if you are only going to get 3 or 4 games you want out of them. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia and I like NieR so far but I don’t think these games changed my life. The PSP is eventually worth its money to me, and same for the DS. I still continue to buy PS1 and PS2 games because there were so many I missed. Maybe there will be that day for the PS3 or the Xbox 360. The Wii has Xenoblade, so I’d probably get a Wii if my brother wasn’t going to lend me his. Maybe I can convince him to let me keep it?