October 30, 2016

Game-buying limits imposed!

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I bought my last game of this year in September. It was Trails of Cold Steel 2, for a total count of 19 games this year. That’s what I’ve been telling myself as I just struggled to beat my 20th game of the year this morning. It didn’t help that a good part of this year was spent playing some games for a long while, one of which I’m 70 hours in and have still not finished with no end in sight (Xenoblade Chronicles X). The other part, of course, is that my gaming time is starting to decrease again due to work and travel.

I think for my future, 20 games/year is about all I’ll beat, especially if they are all RPGs. Thus I’m trying to set a new limit of 20 game purchases per year from here on out. That means putting off games and also front-loading my year with game purchases. The beginning of next year is already front-loaded for me with Atelier Shallie Plus, Yakuza 0, Tales of Berseria, and Persona 5 all coming out within a month in the U.S.

I put a pretty good amount of time into Japanese games this year because I spend quite a bit of time with each Kiseki game (I’ve been playing them all in Japanese, but will do the Cold Steel series in English). I haven’t bought a Japanese game since Sora no kiseki the 3rd Evolution, though, as I held off on Caligula and Ys VIII. I’m still wondering about Ys VIII, specifically what this PS4 version is supposed to look like. Caligula got announced for localization, and I’m still interested in the game, but not enough to play it soon. I might have missed some big news, but other than those 2, which were summer releases, there wasn’t anything that piqued my interest that released recently in Japan (well, besides Persona 5, but I’m getting that in English). It feels kind of weird when last year I was getting hyped on buying Japanese games in Japanese… Oh well. It’s not like I’ll run out of games to play in Japanese any time soon, if my PSP backlog is to go by.

Speaking of a game I got hyped on the end of last year, I finally finished Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, or localized as I am Setsuna. In the end I think it was an enjoyable experience, and I got used to the load times on the Vita. The lag during battle animations would sometimes cause me to mis-time button presses and not get whatever bonus attack I was trying for (do not know the term for it used in the game). The game wasn’t too hard to follow and the characters were okay. I think the best part was testing out different magic/techs and finding different combo techs. Lots of customization and every character was useful. Overall I’d say I don’t regret the purchase, though ideally my money’s worth would be partly due to playing and completing it before the localization announcement, but other things in life took my fancy. It’s still better than never finishing it and of course, not enjoying any of it.

Anyway, as I just celebrated my 29th birthday, it was just another reminder that getting older and towards the “career” portion of my life means gaming and other things will need to be enjoyed but cut down a bit. I like my current job but it’s not a permanent one, and the next one will probably mean less time for games. I can’t wait to retire already, seriously, or if I could somehow make it less hours/week… Sadly with the cost of living and the way our society works, I don’t think I can do the ideal (in my mind) 25-30 hours/week independent lab research job…


August 29, 2015

Heading to Japan in about a week!

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Let me brag a bit…? Yes, time to list all the gaming-things I’m hoping to do.

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January 22, 2015

Busy busy busy

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That’s what happens when you start volunteering in a lab but still work weekends. No real days off, though technically I took today off from going into the lab because I didn’t need to go in. It’s my own fault for wanting both to kick-off my postdoc while still earning some money to buy games with, since I’m not being paid yet. Hopefully everything works out, but for now it’s both fun and stressful to be doing both. Once the postdoc is in full-swing, I know I won’t have time to game test anymore, so I’m treating these next few months as the last months. Surprised they needed me over the entire 3-day weekend last weekend though…

Anyway, my personal gaming time has really shortened. It doesn’t help that I keep starting new games. I keep wanting to try games of series I haven’t touched before, so I recently got Blazblue Calamity Trigger & Continuum Shift and Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl as a “back to work” present for myself, thinking that I’d be done with game purchases for the month, until more PSN sales started. I suppose if I keep downloading PSOne classics onto my Vita memory card that I’ll probably be okay? Anyway, I picked up Front Mission 3 and Riviera: The Promised Land today due to the sales. I guess that means I won’t be picking up Grandia anytime soon, as now I have a PSOne classics backlog! I guess it had to start at some point…

Since I last posted, I did finish my replay of Ys I, playing the Steam version this time. I tried keyboard controls and it was certainly interesting. Even though keyboards should afford more precision, it felt like the wrong hands were doing the wrong controls. I guess it’s hard for me to break out of the habit of my left hand controlling my character’s movement. I suppose that’s why I pretty much keep my Xbox360 controller connected to my computer.

Anyway, I’m going to try my best not to buy any games in February, though if PSN sales continue and land on PSP/Vita or PSOne Classics that I want, I’ll probably snatch them up. March releases are starting to look interesting. Not only is there Code Name STEAM, but Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters looks interesting too. There’s also Atelier Shallie… I need to get more Atelier too at some point, and I still haven’t decided whether to go PS3 or PS Vita with them… Also Story of Seasons will finally release. I don’t plan to buy it as I am forever behind Harvest Moon-like games, but I am interested to see how it sells.

At some point I’ll probably post more of my thoughts on Blazblue. I forget that fighters can have stranger stories than most RPGs. Of course I probably don’t have an actual good clue of what’s going on in Calamity Trigger, even though I got through the “true end”, but I look forward to getting more confused in Continuum Shift. Though I won’t be joining Blazblue fandom anytime soon, since I’m like 3+ story games behind. Like I always am…

May 27, 2014

Recent & Upcoming Games I’d Buy If I Had The Money

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Before I give you my more complete thoughts on Drakengard 3, I figured I’d entertain you with some thoughts on games I’m not dying to play but would love the opportunity to play. I’ll focus on games that came out recently (within the past year) or are scheduled to come out this year or else this list would be incredibly long.


  • Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS). I liked the demo and have only seen love for this game. I also want to play all the previous Ace Attorney games before getting this one. Maybe I shall celebrate getting a job by buying the games in this series that I have missed?
  • All the Atelier on Vita. Atelier games are great for putting in an hour or two and messing around in. I think I would love them on Vita. I really enjoyed doing alchemy in Atelier Iris and I believe they are better in the later games. Plus it sounds like there are character endings which could be interesting.
  • Child of Light (All of the systems except Nintendo ones). At this point I shouldn’t be spending money on games so I’m going to wait for the Vita release, but everything I’ve seen and heard about this game makes me want to play it. I just didn’t anticipate it as long as Drakengard 3 or Tales of Xillia 2 so it didn’t happen to make my auto-preorder list. However it’s probably the game I want the most out of games I have not preordered.
  • Demon Gaze (Vita). I don’t know why I knowing that this dungeon crawler has ridiculously bad innuendo makes it sound more interesting than just any other dungeon crawler, but at least I have heard that it has good gameplay. Maybe because I feel like even with the innuendo I’ll at least get moe? Who knows?
  • Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Girl (3ds). I liked the demo and the class system seems really interesting. I also am very attracted to the story mode, since it seems like the game takes place in a very interesting setting. I’ve played enough games with dungeon crawling and enough games with class systems that I know personally that I can’t do a game solely about those things. Atmosphere, plot, characters, or something else executed in a way that I like has to be there. Otherwise I’d probably give a lot more love to SMT IV…
  • Guided Fate Paradox (PS3). I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game. Even though it’s not amazing or a masterpiece, it’s something that’s different and will add variety to my RPG playing life. Plus now it’s relatively discounted and will probably stay this cheap or be cheaper by the time I get it.
  • Inazuma Eleven (3DS). It might not be a great game but Inazuma is super popular in Japan and has lots of doujins. So I’m shallow and I kind of want to see why there is shipping (and then maybe get doujins when I next go to Japan). Also, I used to watch a lot of soccer/football so I do enjoy the sport, even if Inazuma Eleven is not really soccer…
  • Sweet Fuse At Your Side (PSP). I want another otome localized to English after playing Hakuouki. Added bonus that the main character is supposedly awesome.
  • Toukiden Age of Demons (Vita). I’m not even sure I’d like a Monster Hunter-like game, but I feel like this game has at least a good atmosphere going on. I feel like if I were to take on a MH game it would be on the Vita anyway, so it kind of works.


  • Disgaea 4 (Vita). Because I’m already convinced that Disgaea is better on Vita. Maybe because my Disgaea 1 playthrough on PS2 is stalled since I keep being distracted by other things even though I was having a good time. Maybe because everyone else says so. Plus all the PS3 DLC is included. (Also, what other SJRPGs are coming out soon?)
  • Fairy Fencer F (PS3). The concept sounds interesting enough to me though it’s been a while since I looked into it. Maybe because I kept seeing its name when I used to browse Siliconera that I want the game? Who really knows.
  • Mind Zero (Vita). Why am I thinking about getting a Persona clone when I still have Persona to play? Maybe because even if older Personas may have good stories, I feel like I will not be able to deal with their mechanics. Hence Persona clone seems more reasonable. Besides, I feel like I want to support a Persona clone for some reason, since it’s not really done so often. Hopefully it exceeds expectations.
  • NAtURAL DOCtRINE (PS4/PS3/Vita). Okay, I kind of want it because the game has a ridiculously spelled name. Actually I’m just putting this on the list because it seems interesting but I’m definitely going to wait for a bit more info before buying.
  • Soul Sacrifice Delta (Vita). Like I said about Toukiden, I’m kind of attracted to this Monster Hunter-like game with an interesting universe. Delta is supposed to be a better version of the game, so I might as well get this version when I finally get around to buying.

In conclusion, I plan to give my Vita a lot of love in the future. Let’s see if that actually happens…

January 5, 2014

2014 Goals

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My 2014 goals are few but pretty major.

  1. Graduate
  2. Get a job
  3. Beat more games than I buy
  4. Make some more sheet music
  5. Not allow my apartment to get as messy as it did last year

The world runs on money, so replacing my grad school income with something else is the major thing for the year. It’s good and bad to be graduating; there’s the potential for earning more money or doing something more interesting, but I also have to take more responsibility and there may also be a significant time between grad school and the next career thing. I’ve already ranted on this before, so I’ll stop here.

My game-buying plans are pretty modest at the moment. I plan to just preorder Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Trails in the Sky 2, Tales of Xillia 2, and “X” (if that releases, but not getting a Wii U yet) this year if I don’t get a job this year. I don’t think Persona 5 will come out this year? I also have Sorcery Saga to order once I return to Seattle. Once I get a job I hope to return to buying 1-3 games/month. I have a pretty long list of games I’d still like to pick up. And one day I hope to buy games other than RPGs more regularly.

Because I plan to be somewhat light on the game buying side, I hope to make a decent dent in my backlog. I’ve just beaten Dragon Quest IX, reducing my backlog to 72 games at the moment (at least according to my Backloggery). There’s no way I’ll beat 72 games this year, but something around 20 should be doable. Oh wait, my brother just gifted me two more games for my laptop. It’s tough keeping track of digitally-purchased games… That reminds me that a good chunk of my backlog is Steam games…

I hope to replay a few games this year as well. Last year I did an okay job covering the Suikoden main series, just running out of steam after Suikoden IV so I didn’t end up playing Tactics. This year I hope to replay the Xenosaga trilogy and Xenogears. Also, I plan to replay some games while I participate in the RPGamer marathon (or whatever it is called). I don’t plan to buy any games in order to play along except maybe Legend of Dragoon off of PSN, but I will be replaying Chrono Cross this month, the Last Story in April (via New Game+), and The World Ends With You in December (also New Game+). I hope my Japanese is good enough for NieR Replicant (instead of NieR Gestallt which is what came over to the U.S.) in November. I’m currently doing okay with Tales of Innocence R, so combined with familiarity with NieR Replicant’s overall plot it should be fine.

In terms of backlogged games that I want to beat this year, the RPGamer challenge actually covers some games I really need to play like Radiant Historia, Radiata Stories, and Resonance of Fate (which all start with “R” haha). I also need to finally conquer Valkyria Chronicles (and possibly get to the sequel). Crap, I just realized I didn’t look for Valkyria Chronicles 3 in Japan…oh well. Anyway, I would also like to get through the Atelier Iris trilogy and maybe the Ar tonelico games. There’s enough similarity between the battle systems in those games for me to not want to be playing an Atelier and an Ar tonelico game at the same time. If I have extra money at some point this year I think I’d like to get some of the Atelier games for PS3. Just have to do that research when that time comes.

If I’m feeling tactical, I really should finish Disgaea and decide whether I get the others for portables at some point. I still have Tactics Ogre which is lost in my now sizeable PSP backlog and Growlanser 2 & 3 remakes on PS2. I personally don’t see myself making too much of a dent in my tactics game backlog, though.

As for non-RPGs, I should be starting up 999 soon. Otherwise, I’m more likely to pop in one of those visual novel romance games I got in Japan than the two Zelda games that I have or get to my non-RPG games on Steam. If I get a job then I’ll be highly tempted to buy the Ace Attorney games and marathon them. Otherwise this year will be light on the non-RPGs as well.

Anyway, I’m hoping that 2014 is a good year for all of us, both in gaming and in general 😀

December 26, 2013

I bought a lot of things in Japan

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It would take me forever to photograph it all, but yes I spent a lot of money. Used game and game soundtrack prices truly enticed me. With all my purchases, I shouldn’t need to import for a few years at least, hopefully.

My final game haul of 14 games:

  • 2 Vita games – Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R. Paid about $30 US for each.
  • 2 DS games – Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 1st Love (otome game) and 7th Dragon
  • 7 PSP games – Final Fantasy Type-0, Frontier Gate (for ~$5 US), Hakuisei Ren’ai Shoukougun (visual novel, GL), Hanakisou (BL game, my most expensive purchase at ~$35 US), Shining Wind, Sol Trigger, Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X (also only 500 Yen)
  • 2 PS1 games – Suikogaidens 1 & 2. Vol. 2 was tough to find so I bought it at the first place I saw it, only to find it later at a Book Off in Osaka for ~$2.50 US. Argh!!!! (Also Suikoden II isn’t particularly hard to find and one place had it for 200 Yen/~$2 US!)
  • 1 PS3 game – Nier Replicant for ~$15 US. Tales of Vesperia for PS3 was not seen less than $30 used, sadly, so I didn’t buy it.

My final soundtrack haul of 7:

  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Persona 3 and 4
  • Tales of the Abyss
  • Wild ARMs 3 and 4
  • Xenosaga I (for ~$9.50 US!)

My friend and I hit gaming stores in Tokyo and Osaka mainly, though many of my good finds were found in Book Offs scattered in different neighborhoods. Akihabara (Akiba for short, area is in Tokyo) was my most expensive day and where I managed to find Hanakisou for the only time (in a chain called Trader). Otherwise, prices for games were the best for me at Book Off if I found the game there. Mandarakes sometimes had pretty good selection too. Den den town (area in Osaka) wasn’t quite as good as Akiba but I had already bought most of my games by then. The Mandarake in Shibuya was where I got lucky enough to get NieR Replicant for $15 when it was usually ~$30. Used games come in pretty good condition usually and the markdown for NieR Replicant was for a “B” condition case. Mandarakes were great for me and my friend because it was usually good places for doujinshi buying. I didn’t wander into the “doujinshi aimed towards males” section but rather the “doujinshi aimed towards females” section so I mostly got BL stuff. Suikoden is decently represented in my doujin haul and usually had a section if the store was big enough. Of course the FF and Tales sections were big but what surprised me was the large amount of Inazuma Eleven stuff.

I also visited the Konami Style store in Midtown/Roppongi on Monday and didn’t see the Suikoden soundtracks I hoped to see. However, I picked up the Suikoden V novelization so it wasn’t a completely empty trip. The store had a decent amount of traffic but didn’t really have a ton of stuff on the shelves. They are currently pimping Winning Eleven.

Gaming wasn’t represented in the capsule machines but I still spent quite a bit of coins on capsule toys because I’m into Kuroko no Basuke. I got two Persona 4 capsule toys (keychain figures for Naoto and Yosuke) but it was due to the animation. While browsing figure shops the only games represented that didn’t have animes were FF and Kingdom Hearts games.

We didn’t spent a ton of time at arcades, but we did hit the huge Sega store in Ikebukuro (where we stayed the first week in Japan) and played some Mario Kart and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Superhold or whatever it was called. I was unlucky and couldn’t figure out how to lower the difficulty of my computer opponent while my friend played on easy and kicked major ass as Yosuke. I did get to try out Junpei but Kanji was kicking my ass too fast for me to see how Junpei really plays.

We did some karaoke which was especially fun for my friend who is currently obsessed with Jpop idols. I managed to recall and karaoke a bunch of JRPG songs, doing a bunch of FF songs, “Simple and Clean” from KH, and some Tales songs and even the ending song from Chrono Cross, which was somehow not obscure enough that it could be found on a karaoke machine. I guess it was a good thing that I became obsessed with “progress” from Tales of Xillia since that was probably my favorite to karaoke. I would have loved to do some Xenogears/saga karaoke but it was not meant to be.

I think that was all the gaming-related activities I did in Japan? I did other stuff too but this post is already quite long. My Japanese knowledge from beginner podcasts and my buried deep Mandarin knowledge was much more helpful than Japanese gained from video games, but we managed most of the time. I guess I look Japanese enough to be the “Japanese friend taking my American friend around Japan”. Maybe next time I’ll enough Japanese to pass as that…

December 2, 2013

Japan video game shopping plans

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In a few days I’m off to Japan! It’s been almost impossible for me to concentrate on anything school/work-related, but gaming is still a pretty good distraction from thinking hard about the future/personal life/etc. I’ll probably be regretting the ridiculous number of hours I put into video games these past few weeks/months starting in March or so next year, but I also have to fight the stress that comes with thinking about that. I’ll fight in again starting in January…

Anyway, I don’t want to buy a lot of video games in Japan but there are a few things I’m interested in picking up if I see at the right price.

  • Suikogaidens 1 & 2. I don’t see myself getting it other than used, since they are PS1 games. I think buying it at a retro shop in Japan will be less costly and stressful than eBay.
  • Tales of Vesperia for PS3. Thinking of getting this used if I see it for under 2000 Yen. I’m not sure how low used game prices can get in Japan. I still might bite if it is under 3000 Yen.
  • An otome/GL/BL game. Tokimeki Memorial is probably what I’d get (it’s an otome) since it’s highly rated and also long (and also complicated…eep). I’m sticking to something for PSP or Vita, though, even though I could probably emulate a Japanese PS2 and run PC games. I just like the idea of romancing while lying on my bed.
  • Not video games, but I hope to find official Suikoden 3 and Suikoden Tierkreis OSTs. They are no longer stocked by PlayAsia, etc. I might also get the Xenosaga soundtracks depending on how much money I want to spend, since those are also relatively hard to get.

Otherwise, even if I have to spend a bit more money, I’ll probably continue to import Japanese games at a slow rate. I’m still working on Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki and will probably go through the Suikoden I & II for PSP before I contemplate buying more Japanese games besides the ones mentioned above. That means I’ll be putting off purchases of FF Type-0, Sol Trigger, etc. for a good while still. Maybe by then one of those will get localized…

November 20, 2013

A closer look at my backlog

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This past weekend, I beat another 2 games, bringing my conquered list for this year to 25 games! This has to be a personal record, and it doesn’t even count complete replays of Suikoden 1-4, Tales of the Abyss, and Persona 3 Portable.

Not all those games were long (Ys I & II were both relatively short) but not all those games were short either (Xenoblade, Project X Zone, Wild ARMs 3, etc.). I don’t want to do the math of how many hours I’ve spent gaming this year alone; it’s over 1000 hours I’m sure. Every time I feel like I’m going overboard with spending money on games, I realize that I actually do a good job at getting to them. Every time I think I might just get super tired of gaming and need to take a 3 month break, I do something like a 10 hour marathon of Persona 4 Golden.

Anyway, I’ve done a pretty good job with beating the games I bought this year that were released this year. Games I bought this year that were released this year (release date order, not necessarily purchase order, and totally not counting Steam games) were as follows:

  • Ni No Kuni – not played yet
  • Fire Emblem Awakening – beaten
  • Pandora’s Tower – not played yet
  • Muramasa Rebirth – beaten
  • Project X-Zone – beaten
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV – beaten
  • Tales of Xillia – beaten
  • Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi – beaten

6/8 isn’t too bad for me. Obviously I skipped out on some notable JRPG releases for this year like Etrian Odyssey 4 & Millenium Girl, Soul Hackers, Atelier Ayesha, Disgaea D2, Soul Sacrifice, Rune Factory 4, Pokemon X/Y, but I did a decent job covering notable JRPG releases. Some of it for good reason (way behind on Atelier and Disgaea) and some because I decided to buy more PS2 games instead.

I was curious how the 10 games for this year (Ys IV and Curry RPG yet to arrive) would stack up to the previous 10 years. Looking at my Japanese game backlog, this is how it shook out. (Games are sorted by release date of the version I own, so if I bought a remake the release date is the remake’s release date.)

  • 16 games – 2006 (Suikoden 1 & 2 collection is original Japan date but I bought a discounted rerelease)
  • 10 games – 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010 (Shining Hearts for 2010 is Japan date but I bought a discounted rerelease)
  • 9 games – 2005
  • 6 games – 2011
  • 5 games – 2007, 2009, 2012 (Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki for 2012 is Japan date but I bought a discounted rerelease)

So 2013 is actually a good year for game collecting for me, but 2006 was amazing. I don’t know why so much stuff came out in 2006, but I have Atelier Iris 2, FFXII, Grandia 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Suikoden 5, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, Valkyrie Profile 2, Wild ARMs 4, and Xenosaga 3 (13 total) from the PS2 alone. I could add so much more to my 2006 game list too; there are probably a bunch of PSP and DS games that I’m missing.

Right now my 2014 list is 4 potential games – Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Trails in the Sky 2, Tales of Xillia 2. I’m trying to cut back on game buying (unless I get a job!) but those 4 games are planned releases for the beginning/middle of the year. It’ll be interesting to see just how big next year is for JRPGs, especially for me as I plan to skip out on the PS4, XboxOne, and WiiU for as long as possible. Even if it’d break my wallet, I’d probably be overwhelmed with joy if I saw a lineup like that 2006 lineup ever again. Just looking at it makes me quite nostalgic…

August 5, 2013

Personal Preferences or Homophobia?

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Earlier today I was reading another article about Exstestra on Siliconera, a game they call the “Kissing RPG”, and the comments section were pretty disheartening to me. In this game, the main character recruits people (or something like that) by kissing them. He recruits both males and females. So far the only art has shown the male lead kissing girls on the lips, so the assumption is that he’d do the same with the guys he would recruit. I guess for a lot of the people on that site, this fact will turn them away from the game.

When people start saying things like “I won’t buy this game because the main male character has to kiss guys”, I can’t help but wonder if they are all homophobic. I just don’t know when it’s fair to make that judgment and when it’s not. I mean, I don’t like big boobs or extremely large men and too much of that is an art-style turn-off for me, and I rather not see my video game characters try to date or have sex with all the people interested in him/her. These things happen in games that I still enjoy (Muramasa, Persona 3) but they weren’t reason enough for me to not buy and play those games that I already had interest in. To be fair, I didn’t realize that some of the art in Muramasa would be in a style that would bother me. However, for a game I wasn’t interested in like Dragon’s Crown, the fact that I really dislike the art-style means I still won’t buy the game. For comments like “I won’t buy the game because the main male kisses guys”, is it from people who only had a passing interest in the game or from people who would really dig the game and are disgusted by men kissing men? I know it’s way too early to tell. I’m just really hoping that something like a small game mechanic (I’m sure the main character wouldn’t be forced to kiss a ton of guys) isn’t the sole reason why someone who’d otherwise like that type of game doesn’t buy it.

I guess I’m still pretty sensitive to potentially homophobic comments since I feel like (also with racism and sexism and other things) there are too many people who say there’s no big problem with that and modern gaming or modern society, and they just don’t want to have discussions about it. “Making a problem when there isn’t one” or something like that is the sentiment of many of these people. “People who make games don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, non-white, non-heterosexual, etc.” or something like that is used as justification for a lack of variety in game leads or for the other types of characters to be more commonly portrayed in shallow, one-dimensional ways. “Why do we have to cater to a minority” many people think. Money (or perceived money) talks. Maybe the gameplay won’t change significantly because of perceived notions of what gamers want, but advertising will change for sure. People already speculate that no shots of the male lead kissing guys in Exstestra have been released because they don’t want to hurt their sales. It’s not a game that would expect a lot of sales in the first place, but they expect more sales than an indie studio and perhaps that’s why any small difference matters much more than sticking to the better concept. The potential compromise that may occur due to homophobia (or other things) just makes me sad if I think about it too much.

All I can really conclude is that not enough people share my taste in liking or at least not hating men kissing men and women kissing women. There’s a serious lack of that in video games, especially ones that make it out of Japan.

May 13, 2013

…Must…Resist…Buying All the Games…

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Last Thursday came with the awesomeness of getting a PS3 and a first look at Tales of Graces f. I proceeded to get a few hours in, but this weekend was also dedicated to studying for my programming class midterm. Tales of Graces f is so far, so good. Some people hated that “prologue” but I was rather amused by bratty Asbel and Richard’s hat. It seems that, unlike other people near my age, I still enjoy playing as child protagonists and cliches and whatever. I also still feel like I haven’t matured in taste since I was 16, so whatever…

After my brief intro to Tales of Graces f, I decided to browse around the PSN store. My PSP is too old to handle my internet connection so it was my first time actually looking at the store and thinking about all those future PSN purchases. I have plenty of PS1 Classics that I want to transfer to my PSP (or Vita, when that time comes) and seeing their relatively cheap prices made me very, very tempted to just snatch them up right now. Then I remember that digital things aren’t going to run out of stock. I should really buy them right before I plan to play them. After all, Wild ARMs 1 and 2 are some PS1 games that I have sitting around that I have yet to play.

But seriously, Vagrant Story for $6? Must…resist…buying…right now…