October 30, 2016

Game-buying limits imposed!

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I bought my last game of this year in September. It was Trails of Cold Steel 2, for a total count of 19 games this year. That’s what I’ve been telling myself as I just struggled to beat my 20th game of the year this morning. It didn’t help that a good part of this year was spent playing some games for a long while, one of which I’m 70 hours in and have still not finished with no end in sight (Xenoblade Chronicles X). The other part, of course, is that my gaming time is starting to decrease again due to work and travel.

I think for my future, 20 games/year is about all I’ll beat, especially if they are all RPGs. Thus I’m trying to set a new limit of 20 game purchases per year from here on out. That means putting off games and also front-loading my year with game purchases. The beginning of next year is already front-loaded for me with Atelier Shallie Plus, Yakuza 0, Tales of Berseria, and Persona 5 all coming out within a month in the U.S.

I put a pretty good amount of time into Japanese games this year because I spend quite a bit of time with each Kiseki game (I’ve been playing them all in Japanese, but will do the Cold Steel series in English). I haven’t bought a Japanese game since Sora no kiseki the 3rd Evolution, though, as I held off on Caligula and Ys VIII. I’m still wondering about Ys VIII, specifically what this PS4 version is supposed to look like. Caligula got announced for localization, and I’m still interested in the game, but not enough to play it soon. I might have missed some big news, but other than those 2, which were summer releases, there wasn’t anything that piqued my interest that released recently in Japan (well, besides Persona 5, but I’m getting that in English). It feels kind of weird when last year I was getting hyped on buying Japanese games in Japanese… Oh well. It’s not like I’ll run out of games to play in Japanese any time soon, if my PSP backlog is to go by.

Speaking of a game I got hyped on the end of last year, I finally finished Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, or localized as I am Setsuna. In the end I think it was an enjoyable experience, and I got used to the load times on the Vita. The lag during battle animations would sometimes cause me to mis-time button presses and not get whatever bonus attack I was trying for (do not know the term for it used in the game). The game wasn’t too hard to follow and the characters were okay. I think the best part was testing out different magic/techs and finding different combo techs. Lots of customization and every character was useful. Overall I’d say I don’t regret the purchase, though ideally my money’s worth would be partly due to playing and completing it before the localization announcement, but other things in life took my fancy. It’s still better than never finishing it and of course, not enjoying any of it.

Anyway, as I just celebrated my 29th birthday, it was just another reminder that getting older and towards the “career” portion of my life means gaming and other things will need to be enjoyed but cut down a bit. I like my current job but it’s not a permanent one, and the next one will probably mean less time for games. I can’t wait to retire already, seriously, or if I could somehow make it less hours/week… Sadly with the cost of living and the way our society works, I don’t think I can do the ideal (in my mind) 25-30 hours/week independent lab research job…

August 10, 2014

A Gaming Update, Basically

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I’m too lazy to do thorough reviews of music or games, but the gaming is still going and I’m still playing a bunch of games at the same time. Because I feel like it. So here’s a summary of what’s happened recently in my gaming life.


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – I borrowed my brother’s copy which he somehow got used at some point for $19.99 (what a steal!) and did an Easy playthrough. I play Fire Emblem games more for the character recruiting than for the tactics, after all. Of the three FE games I have played, this is by far the best in terms of cast, story, and story background. Wishing Radiant Dawn wasn’t so expensive, or I’d be starting that one right now.

Breath of Death VII – I didn’t actually realize I had this game on my Steam account until I decided to pick another Steam game to polish off. It’s a parody RPG so leaps in logic and randomness is expected and fine, but of course it loses out on the appeal of characters that are really lovable. Of course, that could have been remedied a bit if the game was longer and had more depth. However it was perfectly fine the way it is, and is definitely worth the $0.50 I paid for it. Actually, there was a bit of branching/customization when it came to character leveling, so that was nice and fresh.


Resonance of Fate – I’m playing along with a few others on the RPGamer board as this is the One-hit Wonder for August. Certainly getting myself used to the game. Consulting a YouTube video and a FAQ have definitely helped, and I have remedied my leveling up issues among other things. I think the game should be rather smooth sailing now (I know I’ll still mess up certain things as I’m just not careful enough to be perfect in these types of games). What I like about the game is the main trio and how they interact. I roll my eyes at the “JRPG-style” slow-poke unveiling of the plot; it doesn’t bother me but it just feels like it was done to make the story seem more “elite” or something when it really just makes the game feel a bit too mission-ish.

Skies of Arcadia Legends – Just started this one today, actually, and got about 2 hours in. I feel the late 90s/early 00s of this game. So far so good. The whole “but we’re good pirates” is such a JRPG thing though.


Ar Tonelico 3 – I rather not juggle 2 PS3 games even if switching discs isn’t that hard. I”m not too worried about temporarily suspending my AT3 playthrough since there is the objective system. It was starting to get better, though, in my opinion, which makes it a bit of a pity that I’m stalling it. It’s probably because I don’t feel as many urges to punch Aoto as I did before.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – I’m actually bad at being “mean” or a “traitor”. So even though VLR is the better game in design, I just sometimes don’t want to go through certain parts of it. I guess I technically don’t have to go through all the paths, but I think I have to do most of them in order to get the true ending. Besides, my Japanese vocab deck was getting a bit low on the new cards, so…


Breath of Fire – I already referenced this in the last post, but basically I have moved from having one character to having 3. I’m playing the GBA version so maybe it is easier, but I just find this game to be too grindy. And it’s not like I”m trying to grind, but the encounter rate feels high. Just like an old-school RPG, I guess. Also, the party feels pretty bland.

Tales of Hearts R – My Japanese vocab deck was getting low, and I’m not playing Drakengard or Ar tonelico 3 whose battle controls kind of conflict with that of ToH R. While I don’t think too highly of the overall plot, the characters are certainly better in ToH R (in my opinion) than in Tales of Innocence R, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny, and Tales of Legendia. I’d probably like them a bit more if the voice acting wasn’t so stilted. Or if I understood a bit more Japanese. Oh well…

Wild ARMs 2 – I still just don’t care that much for this game, but I kind of want to see it through. Some of the blah attitude comes from me not gelling with the cast, as I have mentioned before (I think I have, at least?), and some comes from battles being not that exciting either. Maybe because I’m playing the series backwards, but I think I had more fun with the hex battle systems than the more classic turn-based system. It just feels slow and static. At least in WA3 there seemed to be notable elemental and spell stuff, but I haven’t seen much in WA2 to support elemental attributes really mattering.


There was this lovely humble bundle recently, so I had to get it and get Ys Origin. Now I’m only missing Ys 5 and Ys 6 from my personal Ys collection. I do hope for a Ys 5 remake to come West someday. Ys 6 can be remade too if Falcom wants to, but it’s not as necessary as there are PS2 and PSP versions in English.


I’m going to be going on vacation/out of my apartment for three weeks starting August 31, so I’m pretty much not prioritizing a Tales of Xillia replay since I won’t be able to play all of ToX2 before I would leave.  I also should figure out what games I’ll take along with me. My 3DS with FE: Awakening and SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked will probably be enough, though that means tactical game mania!

I’ve also got a certain surprise thing almost ready for Suikoden Day, which is August 19 this year. There’s been Konami streaming Suikoden on twitch and a tumblr buddy of mine streaming Suikoden on twitch as well. I even have a Suikoden-themed T-shirt now! So yeah, I’m pretty pumped that Suikoden Day is only 9 days away…wow!