August 23, 2010

Feel-good RPG Music

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I’ve started playing Grandia III recently and Noriyuki Iwadare’s music just makes me feel good. Something about his style makes me feel like I’m 10 years old, snuggled in a blanket and experiencing a fun story. Today his Lunar Eternal Blue music, which I listened to on my computer last night, was stuck in my head while I was doing lab work. I think I was very chipper in an otherwise very long day. If anyone reads this and wants to comment, why don’t you tell me what your feel-good RPG soundtracks are?

I guess, unlike Motoi Sakuraba, Iwadare hasn’t composed a crazy amount of soundtracks, but he has been the man for the Lunar and Grandia series, and Wikipedia also lists him for Phoenix Wright and Radiata Stories and other games. I’m sure I’ve made the realization before, but playing Grandia I was like “wow this is Lunar-style fun music”. Considering that I enjoy the Lunar soundtracks immensely, when I remember that I have them (just the PSX version of the games’ soundtrack included with the game), and I don’t remember Grandia II that well but Grandia III’s music has been fun, I can’t say he’s written anything horrendous. If you haven’t heard any of his stuff, I definitely recommend Lunar music as a starter. Lunar Eternal Blue is more fun music-wise than Lunar Silver Star Story in my opinion. Of course, play the actual games too if you can 🙂 They are fun times (once again I prefer LEB over LSSS but play them both).