July 23, 2013

Q2 Round Up

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Once again April-June was filled with JRPGs and I finished quite a few during this time period. Because this post is so massive, it’s late. Well, and other games got in the way…

April beaten: Okami, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Suikoden 2

May beaten: Ys II, The World Ends With You, Persona 3 Portable (female)

June beaten: Dark Cloud 2, Shadow Hearts, Suikoden 3

Below are some thoughts on each beaten game, done in alphabetical order.

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May 8, 2013

New and Improved: Female Protagonist in P3P

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Hello May! In the past 8 days, I’ve hit my replay of Persona 3 Portable pretty hard, already getting about 1/3 through the game already. As I’ve already beaten the game as the male protagonist, I decided this time to see what the female route had to offer. Combined with following a max social links guide, I have gotten a pretty good look at the changes so far, though I hear the best has yet to come…

So what’s new with the female protagonist? Most importantly, new and different social links! I think everyone figured that one out. Not only do I enjoy the new social links so far, I like the ones that have changed so far as well. But most importantly, I think the fact that the male protagonist doesn’t have social links with the male SEES members is kind of ridiculous. You are out there risking life and limb for each other and you don’t “support” (sorry for that FE term)? At least there should have been a Junpei social link on the male side (sorry Kenji, but your social link is crap).

I also enjoy different, mostly because I didn’t want Yukari and Fuuka to become my girlfriends, especially Yukari. Something about her personality and mine don’t mesh, I guess. I like her a lot better in this playthrough for some reason…maybe because I can join Yukari in calling Junpei a pervert? Or Junpei spends some of his time “hitting on” me as well as Yukari? Who knows?

Another added bonus in the new social links is having your friends actually care about you instead of you just solving all their issues/comforting them (Kenji caring about your clothes does not count). It also brings up an interesting but unfortunately true fact in life, at least from my observations. Take a pretty boy with all the skills who quickly gets popular: all the girls want him, all the boys want to be him, and almost everyone is amazed by him. Take a pretty girl with all the skills who quickly gets popular: people spread nasty rumors about her, somebody thinks it’s okay to take perverted pictures of her, and it’s definitely okay to threaten her. I haven’t seen anything more than verbal harassment yet, and I think the game doesn’t quite go to that level, but it could easily be imagined. Well, having Mitsuru as an ally probably prevents anyone from really doing anything…

Anyway, the biggest change is really in the social links. Most of the dialogue only changes “he” to “she” (except one part in the audio they forgot to switch “he” to “she”). In some of the story events where your gender matters, you get paired up with the appropriate other people. But the gist of the plot is the same. So if you don’t care for the plot, the female doesn’t make it good enough to replay it. But if you enjoyed it the first time, it’s definitely worth a female protagonist run. If nothing else, you get to wield a naginata. How cool is that!

January 7, 2013

Happy 2013!

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I would have typed this up earlier, but my replacement laptop charger died about a month after I got it. I can only get it at Battpit so I don’t have many options. Maybe I have to buy a new laptop…

Anyway, because of the loss of my laptop, my break actually was much more productive on the gaming front. I pretty much marathoned to the best of my ability the rest of Persona 3 Portable. I thought I had made pretty good progress into the game, 60 hours into a “80-hour” game. Well, that game actually took me 101 hours. But I know for May, when I’ll be using this only version of Persona 3 for the RPGamer marathon, that I won’t spend hours just staring at possible fusions.

It was rather sad that I ended up not caring much about the social links at the end as I had to grind almost half of the Tartarus for the last few “months”. And after a long “final” boss battle, the scripted nature of the plot ending just made it…Did I really need those other party members at all?

I also finished my Eirika-run through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and then proceeded to read through all the support conversations in a FAQ. I just don’t love this game enough to do it myself. On the plane home I was working on my Ephraim run but managed to hit a battle that I don’t remember how I beat without someone dying. Critical hits early in the game are truly killer.

I started up Jeanne D’Arc and made it into Chapter 7, and for me this game will be 30-40 hours long. Once again, distracted by unlocking skill binding combinations. It’s a fun game, but at one fight I got stuck until I did a few optional battles to get upgraded swords and a few levels. You level up pretty quick in this game. I know I’m near the end of the game because I looked up a FAQ when I was stuck. I can see this game being a 20 hour game for most people, but 10 hours? How do you play this game that fast?

Now that I’ve bored you all with my gaming update, let’s just say I hope this next year is a great year for gaming and everything else for everyone! I have a growing backlog that needs some love and lots of worlds I want to travel to. First off is joining everyone in DQ8. Of course that means only short stints in Xenoblade. I will finish that game…eventually 🙂